23 Jul 2011

All done and finished!

A grand reveal today. Noro scarf is all done. Finito!!

Right in time for my dear one to wear in the snow when he and Jemimah head off on their Annual Daddy-Daughter Ski Trip in a fortnight's time.

He is very pleased to have something hand-knitted by me, and I am very pleased at how well she has turned out. Given that she was made using left-overs.

Anyhow, here she is. Her pattern is from here. She is made of lots of different balls of Noro Silk Garden yarn, with a neutral shade between each coloured stripe. Apart from that, she is exactly like the pattern.


PS While they're skiing, I'll be footloose and fancy free in Melbourne. What should I get up to?

What would you do if you were Home Alone for a week in the City? No kidlets, no responsibility...


  1. Love it, great colors, well done! I'm in Geelong from Monday, maybe we could make a date for dinner together - alone!!! If you want to! xxx

  2. Good job, it looks so lovely and warm and pretty! A week footlose and fancy free, wow, enjoy :-)

  3. Wow I love it. If I had no children and no commitments for a week I would do shopping and then some more shopping and then eat at all kinds of lovely cafes. Oh and then I would do more shopping and visit friends.

  4. I would sleep, eat out or order in, get a massage, watch movies I've been meaning to see, read, read, read, go to the hairdressers, shop, visit my sister in Potts Point(check her out here http://whiteriotprint.blogspot.com/) - brother in the Blue Mtns- and other sister on the farm (check her out here http://theflowerboat.blogspot.com/) Have lunches, dinners with them all. I love the scarfs they are beautiful, you are so clever. ENJOY Jeanne

  5. Read. Play on the computer. Read... ☺ Enjoy.

  6. looks great!
    enjoy your home alone time!

  7. Until now I didn't know a scarf could be breathtaking.

    Week without kidlets? Meditate. Read. Write. Clean. Miss the interruptions.

  8. Nice, nice, nice!! It's so great that your husband gives so much time to Jemima. Sadly, that's not the norm where I live.

    And, if you need reading inspiration while you are alone stop by my "place" and see what I've reviewed.

  9. Beautiful work! Aren't they fun to look at?!

    A week alone? What I would do is Not Cook.

  10. Just lovely Jeanne, just lovely.


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