20 Jul 2011

Green with Jealousy

Sometimes life is so unfair!!

This photo is of the tops of the heads of two of my absolutely favouritest dearest blog friends.

Sitting together.

Without me.

So incredibly jealous, I am. In fact, I'm quite green.

I won't tell you who they are, but if you'll pop over here you'll discover that they're sitting there listening to another of my dear friends, Nancy from Sage Parnassus. (You can tell she's cleverer than me because her header is writ in Latin.

That makes me jealous as well.

One day I'm going to go to a Living Education Retreat. I'm going to wheedle my way in between those two heads, and I'm going to listen to Nancy and all those other clever people so that I can become a super homeschool mum like they are.

In the meantime I'm going to sulk.


  1. Jeanne, I'm envious too! One day I'll hop on a plane, pick you up and we'll head to the Living Education Retreat together :-)

  2. Jeanne,
    It really was a breathtaking gift from God in so many ways. One of those ways was looking around at dozens of people I've met through the Internet, now sitting in one room. Talking and deeply connecting within seconds.

    We missed you, too. But you are there and we are here for a purpose, of course. Don't sulk - imagine the amazing situations He has coming up for you!

    One thing that was clear - none of us is a "super homeschool mum". At all. We fall at His feet daily and work at getting out of the Holy Spirit's way. Just like you.

    If it wasn't for you and your wise words, we wouldn't be who we are. It was clear we had all been influenced by many people and was fun to see how those influences manifested themselves in our thoughts or ideas.

    Now, to have you attend some year would be a miraculous celebration. But, eventually we'll all be together - right?

    Many hugs across the way,


  3. Sigh... I'm going to sulk with you.

    At least I have you, Nancy, and other smart moms on the Internet. It could be worse, couldn't it? That's my consolation!

  4. Sounds like a great retreat! I'll join you some year!

  5. I'll meet you both at the airport! I completely understand Jeanne. How wonderful to have regular events like this to nourish the heart and mind and how delightful to spend time with some of my bloggy heroes. hrrrrrummppff! I feel very blessed to be here but would love to go!

  6. Silly girl - who did you get to spend the day with, huh? And what could be bettr than that?

    I hear you but there is no such thing as a super homeschool mum. I wasted far too much time comparing myself to others and worrying about being a great teacher, before I realised I had six of the best teachers in the world. Their names were John, Nic, David, Michael, Anne and Tom!

  7. Thank you for posting from down under about Amy ~~ ( I don't know the girl next to he). I met her at the Childlight Conference in June. I love reading your blog. My daughter in law is teaching Australian history next year so here we are with the wealth on your site! You bless. My husband has been down under so we have a few Australian books. Have to see if you are Australian? Will dig more into your writing. Quite a blessing .

  8. The girl next to Amy missed you and thought you should be sitting on her other side (or wheedled in between) the whole time.

    This was the first year people travelled to LER from beyond the Midwest. I'm thinking it should certainly go International next year. Nothing would make for a better slumber party.

  9. Actually, the winner 2 years ago for coming the furthest distance was from Ireland! We've also had a Texan or 2. But I'm thinking "international Mason slumber party" might be something to look into as a byline...
    I'm already looking forward to next year. You better start looking into tickets, Jeanne.

  10. Ireland?! Ah, now that does deserve winning a living book.

    The experience is well worth the price of a ticket, Jeanne. If someone came along from New Zealand they'd beat you out for that book though.

  11. Sadly the flood prevents me from even dreaming about overseas travel right now.

    One day, maybe!!


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