6 Jul 2011

See Helen Keller talk

I'm sure I'm not the only person who was captivated as a little person by the idea of Helen Keller learning to speak. I had this wonderful book of her life that I would read over and over, trying to imagine what speaking to Helen would be like.

Well now, many, many years later I know just what it looked like. Thanks to YouTube. I must admit the video brought a tear to my eye.

Wasn't Annie Sullivan a blessing to young Helen?

Helen's own autobiography is free online here. It is well worth the read.

You can get it free for Kindle here.

Jemimah will be reading it as one of our free reads in AO5 next year.


  1. Yes, absolutely incredible! xxx

  2. I love the way the internet really can make history "come alive"--even if you can't time-travel you can watch a film. If you can't go to a famous place you can get some idea of it from the internet. Travel is still worth every penny, but is out-of-the-reach of most. What a good post!!!

  3. Jeanne, you aren't the only who got teary. A million thanks for posting this video.


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