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After the Rain

Posted by Jeanne

And it is almost the weekend again. Nice.

We're off to see The Australian Ballet's British Liaisons programme on Saturday night.

I adore, adore, adore Arvo Pärt’s ethereal Spiegel im Spiegel , so I am particularly excited about seeing Christopher Wheeldon’s After the Rain danced to this exquisite music.

The Australian Ballet's blog, Behind Ballet includes a link to the ballet danced by Damian Smith and Yuan Yuan Tan at the Fire Island Dance Festival last year with a backdrop of the sea and the setting sun. Isn't it just sublime?

I think the rest of what we're up to over the weekend pales into insignificance after that. I'll just stop now.

What are you up to?


Sarah said...

Beautiful! Have no plans for the weekend...and that is just the way I like it! Well actually I need to finish my exams! Today though Joshua & I are heading into town to getting our Gracie some birthday pressies! ENjoy your weekend! xxx

Ruby said...

Enjoy your weekend, Jeanne.
No special plans but our big boy will be home tomorrow night so we are looking forward to that!

Sarah said...

I just finished "The Devotion of Suspect X", which was your particular recommendation. It was excellent. I don't remember when I've enjoyed a mystery so much. I can't wait for my mom to read it. She's a fan of the genre as well.

Next on my list is "Kitchen". I have some Christmas knitting to work on, but once that's under way I'll be turning my attention to that!

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