13 Aug 2011

Silly goose

It's a Book.That's it. A BOOK!

"Come to think of it, just the other day I heard Mr Pumpkin telling Bill that Books are very precious. 'He who owns Books and loves them is wise.' That is what he said.

"He who owns Books and loves them is wise, repeated Petunia to herself. And she thought as hard and as long as she could. "Well then," she said at last, "if I take this Book with me, and love it, I will be wise too. And no one will call me a silly goose ever again."

So Petunia picked up the Book and off she went with it.

She slept with it...

She swam with it.

And knowing that she was so wise, Petunia also became proud,

and prouder

and prouder...

Petunia Roger Duvoisin 1950


  1. I absolutely adore PETUNIA. My girls love Veronica, the conspicuous hippo.

  2. Petunia was always a favorite in our house. Our copy is well-worn and from the days when my husband was a child.

  3. I had this book as a little girl. My mom let me pick it out when the Weekly Reader flier went around one week. It was a favorite that was totally worn out.


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