12 Sep 2011


Fe from The Genial Hearth asked recently about Starfall in French. Oh, how marvellous that would be!!

While I am not aware of a resource that teaches kids to read French anywhere near as comprehensively as Starfall, I am really quite exceedingly fond of Maxetom.com, and so it is quite possible that some of you might be as well.

It's a website written in French for French 1st Graders, and is full of educational games to teach reading, telling time, foreign languages and maths and lots of other things besides. Jemimah and I found the reading section the best, but the time bit is useful as well. We also liked learning how to write some of the lovely French cursive script.

If you go to http://www.maxetom.com/ and click on the Apprendre à lire button you'll be taken to a page of exercises arranged by letter sound. Each sound has a number of activities, and as each is successfully completed you win a star. The directions are written in French only, so I would help Jemimah with the instructions before she began each exercise. They're useful for vocabulary and pronunciation, but mostly they're great as a break from serious French study.

It mightn't be Starfall, but Maxetom is pretty fun as well. Zip on over and have a bit of a play!!


  1. Thanks for that link! I'll have a look around it and see how it might work for my kids:-)

  2. It does look like a lot of fun, but is a little too challenging for me! However, as I learn alongside the children, we might revisit it one day. Thanks!


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