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John Piper speaks on racism

Posted by Jeanne

I found this video on growing up in America's segregated South fascinating.

I would like to share it with you.

Do you think we are a racist country in Australia?


Jo Princess Warrior said...

Do you think we are a racist country in Australia? Hmmm good question. I would say yes on both sides.

When I was living in Mount Isa as a child, I always overheard white adults talking about aboriginals in a negative way. Their cruel remarks really struck me as the white Australians created a 'them' and 'us' menatality based on skin colour.

On the other side of the coin, I remember when I was sent to boarding school in Australia in High School after finishing my last 2 years of primary school in Papua New Guinea. Having just come from a country where I was the minority, I was shocked to find that a group of aboriginal girls at boarding school were very racist against us white girls. I tried to be friends with them, but a wall was up and they wouldn't allow it, sticking to their own group. It really surprised me as in PNG most of my class mates had dark skin and we were all friends regardless of our race.

Two of my adult nephew'shave dark skin. Their father was from PNG. They have told me of incidents where they have been in a store and the shop assistant would watch them more closely than their white friends, in case they might steal something. They have noticed and experienced racism in this country.

So, yes I think we are a racist country.

PS - I didn't watch the video in full only the first 5 minutes.

Ganeida said...

There are always some who will be racist, no matter what. However in our politically correct climate it has been my experience that it is minority groups who behave in racist ways, excluding WASP people on principle. I have friends from many different cultures, with many different skin shades. As there are racists, so there are those of us who care more about the family of God than the colour of each other's skin.

Ruby said...

Couldn't get my slow computer to download that clip very well.
Yes, Aussies can be very racist. As Ganeida says, it does work both ways.

Joel said...

No, Jeanne, I don't think we are a racist country, but I do believe we are made to think we are through media and 'public' policy.

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