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Liberty's Kids

Posted by Jeanne

We are loving, loving, loving, the Liberty's Kids series as an adjunct to our AO4 World History (with an American bias) book, George Washington's World by Genevieve Foster.

Today's story, The Not-Yet-United States, covered Shays' Rebellion. Here's the Liberty's Kids version.

We just watch them on YouTube. I'd buy them if I could though...

Thanks, Mama Squirrel, for the heads up.


Sarah said...

Cool! :)

Hopewell said...

Laughing--for once we disagree! My kids HATED that show! They'd pick doing chores over it! We even had the computer game and I don't think it got played more than once! Glad you're enjoying it! Now "Cyberchase"...my son would do ANYTHING to watch THAT show!

Chef Penny said...

Love it! We are watching it now on Netflix!

Ellen said...

My girls enjoyed that show years ago! I didn't think of looking for them on YouTube. Great idea!

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