23 Nov 2011

A dream job or two

Oh what a lovely lot of interesting comments came from my last post. I so love talking about books.

I've been suffering from writers block for a while now, and yet today I'm bubbling over with interesting ideas for things to talk to you about. Sadly, I'm working and I really, really can not spend the day blogging about books and libraries, however tempting that is, but I thought I would just drop in and say how much I'm enjoying the discussion.

Lisa suggests that I should be a librarian. She says that she can see me working in rare books or in an Art Museum library. What do you reckon?

Actually, if I ever were to be a librarian there are two places I'd absolutely love to work. One is in Melbourne working with the SLV's Children's Collection. Take a look see:

Now to me, this would be the bestest wonderfulest most swoon-worthy job in the whole country. Sigh.

Excepting one.

Working at the National Library in Canberra cataloguing their Marcie Muir Children's Collection. That would have to be nearly as good as being a homeschooling mum.


What other wonderful children's collections do you know of? Does your local state library have a special collection? Do you live in Amherst near The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, for example? Or near Dromkeen? Or the Cotsen Children's Library? Do you get along to the Fay B. Kaigler Children's Book Festival each year? Tell me where else I'd love to work if I were a librarian.

Oh, I do love talking about books.

Lisa likes talking about books too. I get lots of my book recommendations from her blog, Hopewell Takes on Life. Get along and have a look around. Lisa reads even more than I do, I think. What's more, she's homeschooled using AO. She can cook. And guess what? Lisa really is a librarian. Yep. In real life. I think you'll like her blog. I do.


  1. You'd be an awesome librarian, and your book blogs (you'd have a few) would entice many more readers to visit the collections you'd be caretaker of.

    I think you should have an honorary librarian professorship just because you love books SO much and can so articulately share your passion and knowledge.

  2. After being called a frustrated librarian by my husband for years, the next best thing to being a librarian myself is happening in my life. My oldest daughter is planning on being a librarian:):)Off to college after Christmas.

  3. Thank you for all your kind words, Jeanne! I really think you'd be great in the role. I forgot to mention Seminary Librarian, too!!

    I heartily encourage anyone interested in the profession of librarianship to pursue it. It can be tough to get to the "dream jobs" but you have a lot of fun along the way. I DID have MY dream job for years till the place closed. I love what I do for a living!

    Now, it's Thanksgiving here tomorrow, which if I finally understand dates down there, is your TODAY, so I've done a special Thanksgiving post for Jemima (and other kids) to enjoy with the turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie and (gag) green bean casserole with the canned fried onions that most people love, and the (gag again) sweet potatoes dripping with melted marshmellows that most people like. So instead of dying of the boredom that is football, watch the links at my blog!!!!

    Have a BLESSED Thanksgiving Day even if it's not a holiday down there!

  4. Jeanne, if I had it to do over again, I'd pursue a graduate degree in library science (as opposed to English, which is what I did). I don't live near any fabulous children's collections, but a nearby city hosts a wonderful book fair every Labor Day weekend; in fact, this year, Avi was there! I was not, alas, as we were out of town. But you can be sure we'll be there next fall!

  5. You would definitely be an awesome librarian~!!

    My niece is currently doing studies that will qualify her as a librarian. :o)

    The little video of that man in the library reminded me of when I was a little girl. My parents would take us to the main library in Sydney and have books brought up from the vaults - so that they could photocopy them to read and study at home.


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