8 Nov 2011

The Keeper

Anybody else remember this folksong? It is such fun!!

The lyrics are here.

The chorus is the catchy bit. It'll get stuck in your head, it really will...
Jackie boy! Master! Sing ye well? Very well!
Hey down, ho down, derry derry down, among the leaves do green-o!
To my hey down down! To my ho down down!
Hey down, ho down, derry derry down, among the leaves do green-o!
Do you sing in the car like we do? Well, we sing everywhere really, but also in the car. This song is great for closet car singing.

I forget that some people are not singers like we are. We were travelling on the weekend with one of Jemimah's little friends, The Princess Ing, in the car with us. I think she thought we were quite loopy as we burst into song at every opportunity. We were bellowing out 'She'll be coming around the mountain', only we were changing the lyrics as we went along to suit our own particular situation as we travelled along the mountainous roads of Victoria's High Country. I asked Princess Ing why she wasn't singing, didn't she know the song? "Sort of," she replied, "but our version has different words."

Oh well, we had fun anyhow.


  1. LOVED that! The boys couldn't help but dance and sing along. We are singers for sure...I think the people in other cars sure get a kick out of us haha.

  2. I knew it as soon as I read the chorus, but didn't know I knew it. It was also good to read all the lyrics instead of making them up or mumbling in parts!

    I'm not sure you're old enough to remember Steeleye Span, Jeanne. But I think you would enjoy their songs. Maddy Prior could sing like an angel, and they mostly sang traditional folk songs, sometimes rearranged.


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