25 Nov 2011

Sing-along with Rolf

I'm not quite sure whether I love Sing-along with Rolf Harris primarily because it takes me back to the idyllic days of my own childhood and singing loudly in the car with my beloved family on the way to Melbourne, or whether I love it most because it is warm, wonderful, singable and iconically Australian music sung by a living national treasure. Either way, this is one of our favouritest children's CDs of all time.

The collection includes all of the songs that are supposed to be there - Two Little Boys, Jake the Peg, Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport, Six White Boomers, and Sun Arise. Of my favourites, only The Court of King Caractacus is missing (why is this so?). In addition there are other great, and imminently addictive songs including Pavlova (Australia's favourite fruit), and Along the Road to Gundagai. You'll hear the didgeridoo, the Jews Harp, the stylophone, and, of course, the wobble board. Oh, this CD is a seriously major big-time blast from my past.

Rolf Harris is part of what it means to be an Aussie - he's part of our musical heritage. The fact that he takes me for a nostalgic wander down memory lane helps a lot as well. I'm sure your family will love singing along with Rolf just as much as ours does.

Here are a few tunes to get you started:

And this one because I love it so:


  1. He is such a clever man! I used to be fascinated by Jake the Peg. It really was just like a 3rd leg! The Court of King Caratacus is a favourite of mine too!

  2. Ha!!!

    You're hilarious!!

    I had forgotten (completely) that the Court of King Caratacus song existed. But how I"ve laughed watching it. I used to love it as a child.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Mrs BB


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