8 Nov 2011

Spring delights

Is there anything, anything, anything more delightful that a freshly picked herb salad in a blue Japanese bowl for dinner?

I am getting such incredible pleasure from my garden this spring. Despite losing many plants and established trees in the flood, our garden right now is looking just divine. If I must say so myself.

Our herb salad - mixed lettuces, mint, Thai basil, Italian basil, coriander, and Vietnamese mint is all home grown. We're eating it it with a dipping sauce of Nam Pla Prik - salty, sour and spicy - with chillis and limes from the kitchen garden, alongside a main dish of Beef and Asparagus braised with Cassia and Star Anise. I didn't grow the asparagus, but a neighbour did, and that's almost as good.

I can't wait to show you photos of our spring garden. I can't wait to tell you about our wonderful weekend of horseriding. I can't wait to tell you about our holiday to Daylesford. I can't wait to talk to you about the books I've bought. I can't wait to tell you what's gone well and what hasn't in this last term of school. In a couple more days we'll be on holidays and I'm going to tell you about all of this. Can you wait that long? I almost can.

There is one thing better than collecting all these wonderful ingredients from our very own garden, and it's pictured below. A punnet of homegrown deliciously sweet strawberries each and every day. Mmmmmm. There's not much better in life than that.

Except eating them of course.


  1. The pics look wonderful... but I'd love to see more.
    I'm tickled that after the flood your garden is in a state that makes your heart sing.
    Ah... and congrats to you too! Your blog rocks!

  2. This post made me a wee bit jealous. LOL. I'm sitting in my house FREEZING. :-p We are having some really weird cold weather in Southern CA.

  3. Your salad looks scrumptious nestled in that lovely blue bowl. and the rest of the supper, too... Spring is my favorite season! I can't wait to see photos of your garden. It's autumn here, now, but we've enjoyed lovely weather. Today, it's 69 degrees under sunny skies, with the trees blazing forth in their individual glories.

  4. I loved seeing this, dear Jeanne. So glad that your garden is recovering.
    Can't wait to see more photos, and read about the horses (how cool is that - an entire weekend on horseback!?).

  5. My strawberries are a few days a way from eating and I am keeping a close eye on them incase there are other creatures also interested in eating them!

  6. The gardens are doing so well this year! Our corn is getting as much as 6 tassels per stalk. It has NEVER done that before! We have just about eaten all our first lettuce planting but the next is almost ready so we have good rotation going for a change. I am looking forward to your pics of the garden ~ not that I'm competative or anything...;P


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