3 Nov 2011

What have I done?

I am beginning to think I may have made a terrible mistake.

Tomorrow we are going here. To do this.

Two long days on horseback. Gulp.

If you're missing us this weekend, imagine us here. Doing this.

Well, actually, we won't really be going down Kate Cameron's Peak. We will be visiting it though. I'll take pictures.

On Sunday night I suspect I will be eating my dinner off the mantel piece. That's if I live that long.

Oh my.


  1. Hope you enjoy it :) I'm sure it'll be an experience not soon forgotten :D
    I've never ridden a horse...

  2. Oh, have a lovely time--what memories!

    And we just LOVE Man from Snowy River! Yee-ha!

  3. lol You will have a ball! The whole point of life is to step outside our comfort zones & LIVE it!!!

  4. last minute nerves? :) you'll enjoy it!

  5. Go for it Jeanne - I am sure you'll be storing up wonderful memories!

  6. Splendid!
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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