24 Nov 2011

Why, oh why?

Why, oh why would they release magnificent hardcover, full-colour retro editions of Enid Blyton's most loved books,The Enchanted Wood and The Magic Faraway Tree and then add the revised modernised text?

The Magic Faraway Tree
without Dick and Fanny and Jo and Bessie just doesn't do it for me, I'm afraid. You?

I feel like having Dame Slap give these editors a good dose of corporal punishment, I do.

Except there's no slapping in these versions.

It's Dame Snap now, you know.

It's all so awfully peculiar.


  1. That IS wrong.

    They do it though because they feel we are all so dumb now and incapable of reading *difficult* text. They stop to think that perhaps dumbing down the texts is what creates the inability.

  2. What!! What, what, what!!!
    How can you have the books without Jo and Bessie and Co?? and really, Dame Snap indeed. How dumbed down is the text? grrr.


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