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Christmas fairy bread

Posted by Jeanne

I was quite taken with the Christmas fairy bread that Carolyn posted on Facebook this morning. You all might have thought of this ages ago, but I hadn't, and I thought it was a marvellous idea. Such a simple, fun and effective activity for the lead up to Christmas. Yummy too.

Jemimah cut them out using our Christmas cutters and decorated them with different coloured sprinkles. Then we ate them for lunch. Of course.

Which lead Jemimah to enquire how come I was letting her eat such an unhealthy meal. To which I had no reply.

Excepting that it is Christmas.

And perhaps that's the best answer of all. Later this afternoon we both had tummy aches from too much junk. Ah well. We had fun anyhow, and Christmas comes but once a year.

Ho Ho Ho.


caz1975 said...

ooooh glad to have inspired you, they look yummy, hope you enoyed them before you got the tummy ache, we've had a few christmas gatherings over the last few days and my tummy is starting to just crave fruit and water lol.

Jeanne said...

They were great fun. Thanks Carolyn!

Mel said...

Fun idea! Have you tried sprinkles (with butter) on arrowroot biscuits? Always a fave here and so quick. Maybe for lunch tomorrow? ;)

Susan (HomeGrownKids) said...

Oh so pretty! And I love the little shapes. One is never too old for Fairy Bread. :)

Daisy said...

I have never seen fairy bread. Is this regular white bread, butter, and sprinkles? Wow. If so, I'm surprised you are not in a sugar coma. LOL.

My kids would probably love this. Sprinkles cost a small fortune here though and never in so many beautiful colors!

Jeanne said...

Yep. Plain white bread, butter and sugar. Traditional birthday party food around here. Never seen it at Christmas before though.

joyfulmum said...

Well, I'm glad to see you doing a Christmas post again :)

Ganeida said...

And I believe Americans have yet to discover the joys of fairy bread! So sad to miss out on sugar & tummy ache brought on by yumminess.

J's mom said...

Your daughter is so pretty! I love the name: Fairy Bread.

Joluise said...

What complete fun. I haven't had fairy bread in years!! And I just love all those colours.

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