30 Dec 2011

Happy New Year

Lots of people are posting that they have Christmas packed away for another year. Some people had it all done by Boxing Day even.

Not me.

Our peaceful home, well, my Mum's home, anyhow, still has presents cluttering the dining room floor. And the bedroom. And the library. (Yep, the library.) We're much to busy having fun to tidy up - even if we wanted to, which we don't.

It took me a few years to train my Beloved to the fact that we liked having Christmas hanging around long after the 25th. We like munching on Mince Pies. We make a wish on the first 12 pies of the season. Superstitious nonsense, you might say, but we call it Christmas magic. We eat marvellous meals. We drink too much Champagne. Can you drink too much Champagne? Really? We read books. We do jigsaws. And more jigsaws. We hang out at the beach building sand castles. We see movies. We munch on Santa chocolates. We play Christmas music. And other music when we get sick of that. We sit around and talk to each other. About all sorts of stuff. Like memories of Christmases past, and which presents we are enjoying. We spend time with friends. At their place and at ours, where we eat too much and drink too much and talk too much. We've done a bit of shopping in the Sales. Only a little bit. I've had a haircut. Jemimah's taken photos on her new camera. Front of dogs. Back of dogs. Dog coming. Dog sleeping. Dog eating. Dog jumping. Close-up of dog. If you have a child with a new camera I guess you might know what I mean.

Some time soon after New Year we might get sick of picking our way through piles of wrapping paper to make our way from bed to bath. Then it will be time to tidy up. We'll pack the Christmas tree away in its box and find spaces for all the presents to live.

Then all the magic will be gone for another 11 months. Eleven months of reality. I'm not ready for that to come too soon. Not on Boxing Day. And not even today. Maybe next week. If we have time.

For the time being, we're just busy having fun and being a family and building memories of a happy and magical childhood. Reality can wait.

2011 has not been an easy year for our family. We've had far more lows that highs. But through it all we've learned to depend on each other, to be kind to each other, to be each other's bestest friend and greatest encouragement. Throughout the year, God has been good, and he has been faithful. He has kept us safe through all our tribulations. He has given us strength and wisdom and perseverence. He has given us family and friends. He has answered our prayers. He has been so very good to us.

Only he knows what is in store for us in 2012. Only he can rule the weather and the rains. Whatever it is though, he will be there with us, and with him by our side we will succeed.

Thank you all for your prayers, friendship and support throughout the past year. May the Lord bless you and keep you all through 2012, my friends, and thank you to each and every one of you from me.

For everything. But mostly for being you.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year Jeanne. I love your continued Christmas. It brings back memories of my childhood Christmases and reminds me of what we plan for our girls. There's no way I could pack away Christmas yet. We have had lots of fun outdoors with garden projects while my Dad is visiting.

    It seems your year has been similar to ours. Prayers for a peaceful joyful 2012.


  2. The girl & I are seeing the old year out by toasting marshmellows over the fallen storm timber. Seems appropriate somehow!

    Happy New Year! ♥

  3. Oooo...I love those kinda extenda-Christmas'! This year my hubby wisked everything away quickly in anticipation of our new baby...no baby yet and one lonely strand of lights & garland. ;) My kiddos miss the bits & pieces of Christmas! I plan on going extra overboard next year! ;)

  4. Happy New Year to you Jeanne and your family! Hope to see you all in 2012...you never know! God Bless! xxx

  5. Happy New Year to you! Today is the day I wrap up our Christmas things and stash them away. All the best to you as you continue celebrating!

  6. Haha my facebook declaration of cleaning up christmas struck a nerve, we always used to do it New Years Day, but a toddler destroying the ornaments is more stressful than magical and so the boxing day clean up blitz in this house! May 2012 be a truly fabulous year for your family as you continue to rebuild your lives, and may there be plenty more champagne :-)

  7. Chuckle, Caz. You were one of many!! Happy New Year to you too.

  8. Wow. That sounds so awesome. Maybe you could adopt me? LOl!
    I love that bubbles picture with your daughter. All those pretty colored bubbles.
    Happy New Year to you and I hope you keep Christmas for the whole year...at least the spirit of it in your hearts.

  9. Here's to 2012... May God continue to lead and direct your family :) Love the smiles and happy photos (really really like the bubbles!!).
    I wanted to keep my decorations up past new year...but no, hubby doesn't like 'clutter' so away they went just today.
    See you next year, Jeanne!

  10. My organisational gene is just too strong and the last of the Christmas decorations have gone away and the house is back to "normal". However that doesn't mean the mince pies are all gone and there is still chocolates in the fridge. I am still enjoying all the festive snacking!!

    Happy New Year to you and yours:)

  11. We will be taking ours down tomorrow or perhaps on Monday. It has been lovely to have it up (although we did delay putting up the tree this year since the baby has helped with the ornament rearranging ever so nicely, lol), but I am ready to restore things to order. BTW, I want your recipe for a mince pie. I have never tried one and would like some one else's tried & true recipe, pretty please!

  12. Sounds wonderful. We are painting so everything has gone even some furniture.
    Happy New Year!!!

  13. Hope your New Year is easy and happy. I didn't do a jigsaw this year--too much demand for the living room with the new Wii.....

  14. so. much. fun.

    i love your pictures... and those bubbles? why are they so colorful?

    traditionally, new year's day is our packing day... being a new day of a new year and all. it sometimes feels a little soon, but i come from a tradition (my mom) that left the deco up until valentines' day and i'm just not into that... imo, if you leave it 'til march, you might as well leave it up all year!! ;)

    amy in peru

  15. Yes, March might be a bit long. Maybe the story about spiders spinning the tinsel might come true if I waited until March.

  16. Happy new year to you all we're with you all the way don't pack up the tree until after the 15th Jan (sometimes later) jigsaws swimming love laughter slow days good food friend staying reading books and most of all remembering the amazing gift that has been given to us (eternal life love from on high and grace for the jouney) I am heartened by your response to 2011 (not to mention the church's response to you) stronger and closer in love the perfect outcome to such difficult circumstances well done and God bless you all, grace

  17. Happy New Year Jeanne. xo A bit late I know, but we have been having our own lovely time of celebration and holidating. I packed up Christmas on the 2nd of January. And I too have needed to train my own darling husband to extend the season longer than boxing day.

    I have three children with their very own camera ........ millions and millions and millions of photos. Digital cameras are fantastice for our new and budding photographers. :)


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