22 Dec 2011


The trailer for the new Hobbit film appeared yesterday, tempting and teasing us over a movie with a release date that is still a year away. It looks wonderful!

While you're waiting, you may want to do the Charlotte Mason thing and read the book.

These two are my favourites:

This gorgeous edition is sumptuously illustrated by Michael Hague, one of my favourite illustrators of children's books. I like the fairytale non-scary element that characterises his works for kids, and besides, this is the edition I read as a child, which will always make it a sure favourite. I am such a nostalgic girl. Each year my Mum and Dad would give us one of Michael's books for Christmas. This one was in my brother's stocking, but it didn't stop all three of us reading it and poring over the pictures. Delightful.

This edition illustrated by Allan Lee is a bit more frightening and otherworldly, but equally lavish. I didn't get my hands on this edition until much later.

Either is beautiful. Of course, you could always go the unillustrated route and let your imagination go wild, but in my very humble opinion these two editions are too good to miss.

While you're waiting for your book order to arrive, here's something fun to get you in the mood: Type 'The Shire to Mordor' into Google Maps (click the pedestrian option first) and see what happens. Go on - you'll be glad you did. Or at least, I thought it was funny. (Thanks Nathan for this piece of frivolous Middle Earth fun.)


  1. Oh we are HUGE Hobbit fans here, and LOTR too for that matter. Unfortunately we don't own either of those beautiful editions, just a plain jane text version I'm afraid. Just as well I completed my book depository order before clicking on your blog!! Mel x

  2. Haha! Just did the google maps thing. Can't wait to tell the kids I was born and raised in the Shire of Mordor! :)

  3. I watched it this morning and agree that it looks really good. Can't wait:)

  4. hey! I just found the trailer this morning too, while I was scouring around for current events... I always have mixed feelings about these movies... I'd so rather keep my own imaginings from reading the book, but I can't stand to miss the movie!! urgh.

  5. I am so glad that you posted a great edition! Logan is reading them next year and will love the 1st one! You are simply the best!

  6. What a mesmerizing trailer! Unfair of them to release a trailer and then make us wait one year (perhaps a very good marketing decision, though). The girls and I will read the Hobbit this year, and I can't wait to introduce them to Middle Earth.

  7. 1 year away, oh that's just cruel!! GIves me plenty of time to read the book again though, very exciting :-)


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