20 Dec 2011

Mad scientist creating!

Sometimes pre-packaged 'Chemistry' sets can be pretty fun. This one makes superballs. It was a gift from a lovely friend.

Superball-cool, eh? What are you and yours up to this fine summer holiday Tuesday?


  1. hello!
    I would like yo follow your blog, could your follow mine?
    "Just a Little ranDom" is my main blog.
    as to your question, I am up to getting persents ready!

    Love your blog!
    Sara xox

  2. Looks like lots of fun Jeanne. We have been to church this morning, done some more Christmas shopping and to the pool for a swim. I am going to catch up with blogs now and will sew latter tonight.

  3. What fascinates me is how Jemimah can cross her legs like that!!!!

  4. It looks likes she is well prepared for anything!


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