20 Jan 2012

Romeo and Juliet

Today I'm reading aloud from this very beautiful book. I don't know why it is that a fine old edition like this is so much more pleasurable to read than your average modern paperback, but it so definitely is. Somehow, I can't come at the idea of Shakespeare on the kindle either.

We're reading from this today to remind ourselves of the story of Romeo and Juliet before we go to see the play tomorrow.

It's moments like this that I love our Charlotte Mason curriculum the very mostest of all.


  1. Wow! That is a gorgeous book. I agree with you. The older editions are always so much better. I love to hunt for them. ;-)

  2. Absolutely - the older books are such fun to have and hold....and to read, of course, too. Enjoy your readings and the show!

  3. I can't wait to hear about the play! We, too, are planning to see at least two Shakespeare plays this year. The play's the thing, after all.

  4. Jeanne - I have been trying to leave comments on your Facebook page and they aren't working - but only one yours, I'm not having trouble on any other pages! Is anyone else having the same trouble as I noticed you haven't had comments recently?

  5. I've been able to leave comments on Jeanne's FB pages... just FYI


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