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I Speak for the Trees!

Posted by Jeanne

Will you be seeing The Lorax with your kids? I guess we will.


J's mom said...

I did not know it was coming out. We will probably wait 'til it is on DVD. There are too many Japanese movies in the line-up that ds wants to see. (Doraemon? Also the Puss in Boots movie, which I know is American.)

Charlotte Mason in the City said...

My son saw the preview and wants to see it. We saw the preview when we went to see Hugo, a movie I loved.

Ellen said...

My girls seem lukewarm. Let me know what you think!

North Laurel said...

I didn't think that my kids would want to watch it but tonight (when I was eavesdropping *wink*) I heard my 12 year old say he would like to see it. My 15 year old dd agreed. Just never know with those two.
But we will wait for DVD.

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