25 Feb 2012

Read every day

I read every day. Do you?

As an introvert I need time alone to refresh and regenerate, otherwise I get grumpy and not very nice. Sometimes I blog, but mostly I read. What do you do for you every day?

Does reading help you lead a better life?


  1. Introvert. I need to opt out of life every day. I read. I blog. I write. I meditate. I pray. I am a nicer person if I do some, or all, of these things every day. Perhaps because it doesn't leave much people contact time. It's not that I don't like people; I just find them exhausting. I don't know how Star does it. Different psyche.

  2. Introvert with extrovert tendencies.

    I need alone time, but like to be the centre of attention making people laugh.

    I MUST have 'alone in my head' space or I get nasty.

    In fact if people interrupt my 'alone in my head' space I get nasty :(.

    Gotta work on that.

  3. You KNOW I think so! Captain Underpants looks like my pastor, or rather, my poor pastor looks like Captain U! I have to stop myself giggling sometimes. Shameful I know. He's a wonderful man and an awesome pastor and DOES wear real clothing, but still......


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