17 Mar 2012

On being serious and sensible

Hello, my dear friends. Have you had a nice Saturday? Ours has been just luverley.

We started our day with swimming lessons at the local pool - our new normal Saturday morning. I caught up on a bit of reading while we were there. I am reading a bio of Ellis Rowan, the artist, called The Flower Hunter, and it is very interesting. Mr PD took advantage of the opportunity to visit the chiropractor to have his neck crunched. Apparently it's feeling better.

Later I did some work on a serious and sensible post about our responsibilities as homeschooling parents, but alas I am no longer feeling serious and sensible, so that post will need to wait until the next time I am. Perhaps I will never finish and that post will join dozens of other draft posts just sitting there never to see the light of day. Oh, the pressure.

After that we took a picnic to the park and lay around in the beautiful autumn sunshine for a while, munching on mochi balls rolled in peanut powder and sipping sweet green tea. Jemimah played with some other kids while her parents snoozed in the sun. Most very fine it was too. Maybe she is becoming socialised despite our best efforts.

This afternoon we went to visit a kitchen designer. It was very exciting to think that maybe before long we might have a brand spanking new kitchen with drawers that open and close and all. Oh joy. Did you know that the depth of bench tops is dependent on the economy? Right now they are pretty skinny; a few years ago they were really chunky. I did not know that. I also discovered that two-pack paint is illegal in Europe and that we have been apparently poisoning our daughter since she was two years old. She reassured the clever designer man that it was okay because she didn't make a practice of licking the kitchen cabinets, but hey, you never know. Well, I didn't, but now I do. I will not have two-pack next time.

We had to cut short our visit with the kitchen fellow in order to run on time for our dinner reservation at Kumo Izakaya. The sublime sake menu is probably responsible for the fact that I am no longer feeling serious and sensible. Ah well, thems the breaks. Maybe I will never be serious and sensible again.

What did you get up to? Are you feeling serious and sensible tonight? Are you reading anything, or eating any good food, or designing a kitchen or something? Are you feeling like a responsible homeschool parent? Do tell.


  1. I shopped for concert blacks for me with Star. Neither of us might ever be sane & sensible again! Star insists [as being the semi~proffessional on of the 2 of us] that she is responsible for my being well presented. Regardless of comfort. Or allergies. Seriously. The child handed me a garment that was close cousin to a corset & expected me to try it on!!! Because it was black. Um. No. That is all. ☺ I am, however, still ranting on other matters. lol Won't ever be sane & sensible again on any subject what.so.ever.

  2. We tried the new Olympic sized, soon to be heated all Winter, pool which good old Rocky has acquired. The silly thing is they took out the wading pool to accomodate it :0( Toddlers got to wade around with mum for a while. No, I rarely swim. I kept the twins occupied. The Saturday cuppa with my parents and a sleep. That about sums it up. And if you are wondering why I am leaving a comment at this late hour well, I slipped into bed with the paper about 2 hours ago and here I am, somewhat refreshed. Serious and sensible?? Maybe, when I grow up!

  3. I've had a lovely day too. Had a picnic at the airport. With a radio scanner so we could listen to all the pilots doing their radio calls. It's much more fun with a scanner. Miss4 and her daddy got to have a look inside and under the bonnet of one of the aircraft. Daddy was offered a joy flight but declined as he was "with the family" this time. Oh, how we cramp his style!
    Then at home we did some much needed cleaning and purging in the sunroom (now that it's cool enough to actually want to sit in the sunroom), and brainstormed our family adventures for the next six months or so. I think it's sensible to brainstorm and plan, but some of our ideas may not have been so sensible!

  4. Well, my day's just getting started! I have a feeling there will be nothing serious and sensible about today. We have not done anything serious or sensible all week. While you are enjoying fall, we are getting an early taste of spring. It has been a glorious - sunshiney week!

  5. The Adelaide Crows just won the NAB Cup!!! Need I say any more???

  6. We're just beginning our Saturday today. It looks like it will be a nice, relaxed day, though not as nice and relaxed as yours sounds!

    When you have plans made for your new kitchen I hope you will share them with us! I am very interested in seeing how your aesthetic (sp?) plays out in a kitchen setting where everything is so utilitarian. I'm sure it will be so lovely!

  7. Jeanne, I adored this post. I could picture you all! My Saturday has been wonderful thus far. My annoying cold is much better. Himself made breakfast, as he often does of a Saturday morning. The girls are off playing with friends (the poor, unsocialized dears). I wrote a post about my visit to the Anne Frank House. I'm catching up on blog reading and eating treacle fudge I bought in England. Later, Tiny and I will head to the barn to visit the pony. It's a glorious, warm, sunny spring day! I refuse to be bogged down by my home ed responsibilities on such a day. ;-)

  8. She doesn't lick the counters? How ever did you manage that? My kids lick everything. Including each other, themselves, the sidewalk, and... the dog.

  9. Serious and sensible ... perhaps I was until I read this and the comments, and now for some reason I am giggling ;)

    I often am S. & S. though, and would like to read your article sometime. I understand that it's hard to finish those posts, because they can sound authoritative or definitive, and that's a hard thing to be in the subjective, individualistic community which IS home ed.

    Would love to write more but have to find DS7, who is hiding and needs me to seek him. I fear he's in the washing machine.

  10. We had our kitchen done 5 years ago, I must measure the width and see what they are, they are certainly roomy to what we had before!

    Yesterday I was home alone so it was quiet - I caught up some blogging, photos and going through my new books - non-eventful I think it is called.

    PS I delete all those unfinished blog stories that i never use!!

  11. Our Saturday is now coming to a close...it was messy, busy yet fun...Saturday's find us using more electronics...sucking brains away! ;) We made cookies, popcorn, did a bit of cleaning, played with dad, played outdoors, I read Hemmingway's Old Man and The Sea with my coffee, and nursed my baby who is TWO MONTHS TODAY - we have had WONDERFUL weather for this area in March. We are usually battling cold, snowy winds, but instead enjoying the low 70's...hallelujah! :)

  12. I wish Blogger had a "Like" button! I liked all of these comments but especially Four Little Penguins! Oh! I so know exactly what she means!

  13. I was S and S as I began reading your post but now after reading it and all the comments I'm grinning:)
    Actually I did have a S & S Saturday, worked for many hours on my program for the Board of Studies for the next two years - yes it's that time again to re-register Rebekah, oh how time flies! Ron took Rebekah out climbing the harbour bridge pylon so they didnt' have a S&S day for sure:)

  14. Saturday? Thats eons ago! however having a fairly good memory still...

    Saturday was an excellent S and S day - I was out from 8-6 for a Disability Awareness Day with the christian girls club I lead.

    Well, ok. The odd light moment there: something about feeding each other mashed banana - blindfolded....

  15. It's now Tuesday, and I just cannot remember what we did on Saturday, seems so long ago! How exciting to be looking at kitchens, can't wait to see what you choose! I don't feel like a sensible homeschooling parent tonight, we didn't do anything remotely academic today, we went to Eden to do shopping, and we haven't even read tonight! But tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet! xxx


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