10 Mar 2012

Ray Bradbury on books

From here.

Have your read Farenheit 451? I haven't read it since we studied it in school. I must reread it again sometime.


  1. I never studied this one & haven't ever read it ~ mostly because Bradbury is an author I dislike. His style irks me. Actually I don't think I've read anything at all he's written [as in actually finished it! ☺]. And he thanks the Universe? What's with that? Sorrow. I did say he irked me. I'll toddle away now....

  2. I have never read Farenheit 451, however I have watched the movie made in the 1960's - well worth watching - in particular the ending - which is so touching and almost had me in tears. One looks at a book a little differently afterwards. However my son tells me the ending of the book is slightly different to the film.

    He also write one about Mars that I have watched as a mini series, quite funny to see the now outdated "special affects"!!

  3. It's a family must read for us. Everyone has read it except for 14yods, and it's on his list for this year.

    After reading it, we sit through the rather painful movie version. It provides great discussion and further learning opportunities as we laugh at the 'ancient' filmography, LOL.

    I don't much care for his style... but think it's a fantastic book to introduce teens to for the literary qualities and ideas contained within.

  4. Hmm, I've never read Farenheit 451, and don't really know anything about it. Will put on my list of things to look for in the op shop.



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