31 Mar 2012


Hello everyone, I'm sorry I've been absent without leave. It wasn't intentional, rooly trooly.

Some weeks are like that, aren't they, when you keep planning to do something - like having a bit of a chat with your bloggy pals - and every time something else far less interesting gets in the way.  Like today, when I planned to have lots and lots of free time to talk to you and instead here I am sitting down finally at 1/4 to 8 when in 45 minutes we're planning on unplugging for Earth Hour.

Right now Jemimah and her Daddy are bustling around gathering together all the candles and creating a lovely flickery cozy backdrop for the event.  The Champagne is cooling, and we have plenty of chocky.  The lights might be out, but we won't be doing it tough in our Peaceful Home.

What about you?  Are you unplugging for Earth Hour?  Are you lighting candles right now too?

After Earth Hour we have to remember to put the clocks back an hour.  Perhaps that means that we'll need to unplug for another hour.  Do you think?  Sounds sort of Groundhoggish, doesn't it?  I always like turning the clocks back because we get another hour of sleep.  I'm slothful that way.

We finished Term 1 yesterday and started our holidays.  Two blissful weeks with nothing to do.  Except talk to you, of course.  Provided nothing else conspires against me.  I hope to be back soon.

If you'll still have me, that is.


  1. I was wondering where you have been:). No we aren't owing earth hour, Im sitting in front of a TV that is probably very bad for the environment and about to watch a DVD.

    I have already done the bedroom clock and will do the others later, looking forward to that extra hour of sleep.

    Had a lovely day enjoying the sunshine and warm weather with a walk through the botanical gardens.

    Enjoy your holiday break

  2. No I'm not unplugging for earth hour. I won't (my family too) have anything to do with it.Angela

  3. Chuckle, Angela,

    We just light candles and chat for an hour in the dark. It'd just a bit of fun for us.

  4. Oh, is it change the clocks night? We've been on holidays all week and I truly wouldn't have known to change the clock except for your post. Thanks!
    And no, we aren't doing earth hour tonight.


  5. Nice to chat with you again Jeanne. I've missed you! Checked in every day.... :)

    Nope, we don't do earth hour, its quite enough to acheive bedtime hour with six (not so little) sweet peas. But we are having some lovely readalouds, thanks to your inspiration. No, not things you have suggested, just your enjoyment of same that prompts me to go searching for the peace and togetherness that a good readaloud can bring. At the moment I am taking a leaf out of your book and doing more than one! I have never done that before and find it very satisfying. At present it is 'Jungle Doctor on Safari' and 'Jane of Lantern Hill'. Vastly different but immensely enjoyed by my younger fry. I never knew what I was missing in Jungle Doctor until I rather doubtfully pulled out some I had put away to try.

    And thanks for the reminder about the clocks - we would have rocked up to church on time for once if you hadnt mentioned it..... ;)

  6. I thought perhaps you were already taking your holiday! Do you have any wonderful plans for your two weeks off? We are taking next week off (mostly) and are making some plans with friends.

  7. Great little clip. We didn't get that here. (If it was an ad). Oh, goodie you have subscription to comments back. Never could get that google reader thingy to work, :-)

  8. I haven't done anything, Ruby. It has done it all by itself!

  9. We don't worry much about the right day, the way things work out, but we have a lovely family time when we do turn off technology and get back to basics. Reading and praying, talking and playing by candle light instead of bright bulbs once in a while is somehow old-fashioned and special.

    Have a lovely week Jeanne,


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