10 Mar 2012

Words of Affirmation

Do you know your Love Language? Mine is Words of Affirmation. Hearing the words " I love you" from my family makes me blissfully happy - especially if they tell me why. An unsolicited compliment makes me feel wanted and needed; an apparently unwarranted criticism puts me straight into the doldrums.

My family knows how important it is to hear that I'm special to them, and my 'love tank' is filled to overflowing by their words, and by little unexpected notes and messages. I found a lovely poem tucked into my bed the other night, signed 'your affekshonet and loving dawter Jemimah'. Okay, her spelling might not be her strong point, but her heart's in exactly the right spot. Her poem, too, was perfectly delightful, and made me feel special and oh so loved.

Which is why all your lovely words on last week's post mean so very much to me. Thank you for encouraging me to keep blogging. Thank you for making me feel needed and appreciated. Thank you for making me feel that what I am doing here is worthwhile.

Your words have rejuvenated me.

Thank you, friends.

No, you can't see the love messages from my husband.


  1. That is a gorgeous letter! Have a wonderful day on this sunny day! xxx

  2. Just lovely!♥ Hugs to you.

  3. lol I so get this! Ah well, I'm happy you're happy & so pleased you realise how very much you are appreciated.

  4. lovely notes, words is my love language too. So glad you were encouraged to keep blogging my friend :-)

  5. Your dawter is gorjus:)
    So glad you're feeling appreciated and loved by your bloggy friends.
    I met up in real life with Tim and his family (from Melbourne) yesterday and as all Aussie ao'ers do we talked about you:)
    I told Tim that I think you have single handed ly been responsible for so many Aussies now doing AO , this is my humble opinion and I'm sticking by it:)

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