2 Jun 2012

Autumn again

I think autumn is my favourite season. I say 'I think', because possibly if you look back over previous posts you may discover that I've stated categorically that spring is my favourite season. Or summer. It is perhaps even likely, because each season has its strong points, and there are things I love about each of them. The glorious flower displays of spring; the promise of huggling in winter. Right now though, it is autumn that is my favourite season.

Our little holiday away meant that this year autumn came upon us suddenly. When we left the leaves were only begin to colour; when we return they had almost all fallen. And presto here we are at the second day of winter. Why does each year pass more quickly than the last?

This week we've taken every opportunity to enjoy fully the last week of autumn. We've relished the cool mornings and the bright sunny days. We've done school in the Sitting Room in front of a roaring fire where we've toasted bread to eat slathered with too much butter and Vegemite and then followed that with toasted sticky marshmallows. How much tastier these simple foods are when cooked inside over the coals of a fire! As the day warms up we've eaten lunch outside, taken walks to look at the autumn colour, and most important of all, we've crinched and crunched in the leaves.

What a glorious time we've had - possibly all the better because we've realised that we have had to pack a whole season into one short but memorable week.

And here are the pictures.


  1. Wonderful and delightful! Joshua says that looks like so much fun Jemimah! xxx

  2. Glorious, splendid!
    Miss J is growing up fast!

  3. I think Autumn is my favourite season too! Jemimah has grown so much in the last few months!

  4. I love the colour of autumn, the one thing I missed when we lived in Darwin. Most of our leaves are finished here in Canberra .

  5. I have been enjoying the heater and electric blanket at night and early morning. We have had some really warm afternoons too so say out in our little garden with our coffee. I love autumn for this reason too.


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