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Photography 'summer' camp for kids

Posted by Jeanne

We've just enrolled Jemimah in this fun sounding online photography course for kids with Candice Stringham.

It's designed to teach photography and camera techniques to kids aged 8-13 using a point and shoot camera, or even a mobile phone or iPod with a camera, and it sounds just what my daughter is looking for to help her improve her fledgling photography skills.

Jemimah has a little pink Canon Power Shoot SX230 HS camera with which she takes some pretty good pics. The photo heading yesterday's post was one of hers. Recently she's been shooting what she calls artistic photos - mainly close-ups of pattern and texture. Some of them are lovely.

The course runs from 9-27 July. You can read about it here. I'd love it if some of you chose to join us!


Catherine said...

OOOoh, that sounds like something my daughter would enjoy (10yr old). It's a great price too!

Mariposa's at dance at the moment, but I'll ask her when she's finished and let you know the decision! :)

Four Little Penguins said...

Ha! I just entered a giveaway to try to win a spot in this class for Kaytie!

Deborah said...

Chloe would love this type of thing. She has an old camera that she loves and carries around. But she's only 7 - so maybe she could try something like this next year.

Catherine said...

We've signed up now. :)

Bright Eyed Girl said...

I think we will do this too...my 8 yr old and 11 yr old will like this very much :)
Thank You for sharing!

Jeanne said...

Excited that you're joining us! Catherine, we might have to get the girls together for a photoshoot one Saturday afternoon while it is on.

Uniforms said...

Nice way to developed kids ability in this summer camp.

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