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On reading 'More!'

Posted by Jeanne

We didn't do normal school today. We meant to, but in the end we read seven chapters of Oliver Twist instead. (Spoilers ahead) Mostly we don't read more than the scheduled reading for a day, but as a book reaches its climax it often screams out to be read together. Think about it. We couldn't have left poor Nancy lying dead on the floor, could we now. Or Sikes hanging from the neck from the chimney, or Fagin condemned to hang from the gallows. Then by the time the book moves onto happier things like Rose and Harry's marriage, we were at the final chapter, and well, you know how it is.

Seven chapters leaves you with a sore throat. Which meant medicinal hot chocolates. And not much time for maths, which is still sitting on the end of the dining table.

That means tomorrow we'll probably try to do two days worth of Maths...ew....or maybe just leave it. I dunno yet.

Somehow maths never screams out to be done together, and there is rarely a climax. Oh well. Oliver was worth it.


Ruby said...

I get a sore throat sometimes from reading, too, (especially the tear jerkers). It is good to flex the schedule sometimes, keeps a little novelty in the otherwise routine day.
( I dreamt I discovered a platypus the other night? Strange)

Sarah said...

It's fantastic when that happens - good times! :D

Renelle said...

I love it when a story grips and we just decide ...Yes, this is way to good or important to stop now, lets keep going. Flexible delight. Followed by a soothing cuppa for that sore throat afterward.

Joyfulmum said...

lol'ing at your medicinal hot chocolates:)

Hopewell said...

If those are normal Dickens-sized (serial) chapters--WOW! But I applaud you for just doing it!

Jeanne said...

They were pretty long! He was paid per word or something, wasn't he?

Deborah said...

Yes, maths NEVER screams out to be done in succession here either. LOL However, I did get some very enthusiastic calls for more reading tonight from the girls. We have started a new novel - Elsie Dinsmore, book 1.

...they call me mommy... said...

My kinda day. Books & hot chocolate over Maths. ;)

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