24 Aug 2012

10 Friends

Hmmmm.  I'm thinking nobody is interested in Molière.  Which is sad, because I'm pretty excited about this play, and our concomitant study..

Or maybe, and this is worse, maybe I've been such a sporadic blogger recently that nobody is reading anymore.  Sigh. I will try harder.  Sorry.

I thought today I would acknowledge a few of those who have remained loyal friends by listing my most recent ten commenters.  I think you all know each other, but you never know.  Maybe some of you might discover some new blogs that you haven't read before.  And that would be super good.  They're all wonderful gals.  Truly. 

So let's make a start:

1. Number 1 is my dear friend Richele.  Being somewhat too busy to post recently, Richele's blog remains an archive full of inspiration and great ideas to incorporate into a CM education.  Head over and encourage her to write an update, will you?  I miss her.

2. Joyfulmum is number two.  I'm privileged to have met Rosemary IRL.   My family consider her family our good friends and we look forward to seeing them each year. Her blog documents her daughter Rebekah's education using AO.  I love reading about how another mum educates her only daughter, and she is always full of wisdom, deep thinking and good advice.

(3.) Number three was John, who dropped in to tell me that the Lone Pine in Melbourne was being removed.  Sad about that.  John probably doesn't consider himself a regular commenter on my blog, so I haven't counter him here.

3. Sarah is the real number three.  This gorgeous lady is the first blogger I ever met IRL, and our families have subsequently spent much time together.  Jemimah and Sarah's son Josh are special friends, and I love the way these two bring out the best in each other.  Lizards are a major shared interest!  Sarah is homeschooling her two kids using AO.  Her love for our Heavenly Father shines out of this lady and out of the pages of her blog.

4. Believe it or not, Joluise, is not a homeschooler!  She should have been though. :)  Number four is incredibly well read and knowledgeable.  A woman of great faith, I always learn something from this erudite lady's blog.  I especially enjoy her posts about Christian ethics.

5. The fifth, Louise, is also a real life friend and AOer.  She has homeschooled three of her four children, and her youngest is a year younger than Jemimah.  I love the fact that these two girls have so much in common.  Sadly Louise is not a blogger.  I wish she were.

6. Sixth is another real life friend, Deborah.  Are we seeing a theme emerging here?  Deborah has a home full of children, including her adult daughter and two grandchildren, yet she still finds time to school her children and to create wonderful paper crafts.  Her cards are just beautiful!  Deborah's blog inspires me to be more intentional about art and craft, as well as encouraging me in other stuff as well.

7.  I haven't met number 7, Ellen, but I think that she is, in fact, my long-lost twin.  It is uncanny the number of things this gal and I have in common.  Ellen is homeschooling her two girls using AO, and runs a term ahead of us.  I love reading what she thinks of various books before Jemimah and I get to them.  As an utter Anglophile, Ellen will no doubt be very jealous when she learns that I shall be in London in little over a week.

8. Number 8 is Ruby.  What can I say?  I love this gal.  A veteran homeschooler with two sons still at home, Ruby and I value our split-pea faith as members of very similar Reformed denominations.  Deep thinking and loyal, Ruby is just a wonderful friend.  I must say, you need to watch her wicked sense of humour, though.  This sweet, gentle lady can be cruel!

9. I've only known number 9 a few months, so Amber's blog is new to me.  She is a terrific photographer, and her children's homeschooling experiences reflect her creativity.   I have really enjoyed getting to know Amber.  I am sure you will too.

10.  And finally we reach number 10.  Chareen is a fellow Victorian homeschooler.  I would love to meet up with this lady on one of our visits to Melbourne.  Then I could call her an IRL friend as well!!  More eclectic in her homeschooling than me, Chareen nevertheless incorporates many of Charlotte Mason's methods as she educates her children.

I hope I still have other readers apart from these ten, but I do want to say thank you to every one of you who continues to read the ramblings of my deranged mind.  You mean more to me than you can ever know.  You Girls Rock!

Thanks for being my friends.  Whether you feature in my most recent ten or not, I love you to death. xxx


  1. I am still here & still reading ~ I just don't usually have time to comment these days.:(

  2. I think the coolness of commenting and "interacting" with the author has passed. I've noticed it on my blog (though I haven't blogged much recently) as have a few others. My daily stats tell the story--people ARE still reading.

    I am also changing gears in life--from being a schoolaged kid-Mom to being a young adults-Mom so that affects my blog reading too. I love to catch up with you and Jemima and a few other homeschool moms, but my time with that has passed. Plus I find I comment more on FACEBOOK now since many bloggers link their blogs there.......

  3. You're going to LONDON? I'm green (chartreuse, lime, emerald, even!) with envy, Jeanne. You must tell ALL so I can vicariously through you.

    Frankly, I'd be happy with 10 friends commenting. I write plenty of posts apparently not worth commenting on, and, when I do get comments, they tend to be from the same folks. Which is more than fine, since I view these ladies as practically personal friends. (BTW, is that so very American of me? You know, overly friendly with strangers and all that?)


  4. Hey some ladies I haven't met:) Thanks for sharing your friends, have just addded some to my reader (bluestocking belle looks like my kinda gal) and looking forward to getting to know them:)
    btw I noticed you had a lot of Aussie bloggers, just in case any of your Aussie readers are missing from this blogroll I'd like to encourage them to add themselves (or any others they know of) to it. It's a wonderful resource

  5. I am still reading...just not commenting xo
    PS-back to homeschooling next week!

  6. It's truly lovely what you have wrote about all your blogging friends. You are without a doubt one of the best bloggers (writers) and you should know I hang out for your new posts! I wish our two could get together more often but God has all things in His hands. xxx

  7. I should like to comment more, but sometimes I just pop in for a quick read before running off again without posting.

    We have had quite the turn of events here in the house - Michelle is no longer staying with us, but we still have the boys. She left just over a week ago. And then of course everyone got wiped out with illness. It's been a tough week. Mending now though.

    I'll be sure to check out the other blogs that you mentioned - some I do know, some I don't - so I shall have some fun exploring. :o)

  8. Thanks dear friend. Truly, I do not mean to be cruel :-)

  9. Hello! Ooooo, a bit thrilled to be included in this list. Thank you!

    I was, just yesterday, thinking how I admire the chattiness over on your FB page, Jeanne - I haven't created a community within mine yet. If anyone likes FB-ing please come and say hello to little ol' me ;)


    it would be greatly appreciated. I'd love to make some new friends.

    I do think that what @Hopewell said is true - that blog commenting isn't as popular as it used to be. I have really noticed this, after a busy blogging start followed by a longish period of minimal blogging & now trying to get back into it again... it just isn't the same! I think that is because it's a rather clunky system. You leave your message & then there's quite a delay in responses and often you forget to tick the box that gets it emailed to you. etc. etc. It's a shame... but why we need to keep connected in other mediums and forums (like FB)

    Finally, I just want to say that I adore this blog :) You are a huge inspiration Jeanne! And I return to it often (my apologies for not commenting when I do) to look at lists and suggestions. xx

  10. Awww...thank you for your kind words Jeanne :) yes you are my dear friend irl and on the net :) I wish we lived closer as rebekah also adores Jemimah :) I'm going to have to check out some of your blog friends from this list. Btw is the forum keeping you extra busy ? Haven't had much time of late to visit. I'm unfortunately more of a blog reader and a digest reader and am sadly having to change to the forum. It just doesn't seem the same to me.:(

  11. Wow, I feel honoured to be on your list. If I had homeschooled, my children would have learnt lots of history, art and reading but I would have done poorly with science and biology and bits of maths!! So Thankyou for your kind words :)))))

  12. Thanks Jeanne. I'm honoured to be on your list. As you know I may not comment much but I read regularly. I still love your blog and the way it has opened up to so many other CMers. Off to the ballet this week ,so excited.

  13. Gulp. I'm still reading. In fact, I just popped in to see what you recommended for living books on the reformation only to see my name. Gulp again. Honored to be on your list and honored to be mentioned with your other nine friends.

    I do miss you all, miss blogging and hope our family's life becomes a bit more stable in the near future so I can post. At the moment, it's all I can do to get our official schooling started next week. Quite the change for someone that thrives on organization.

    Off to see your recommendations.

  14. Hi, I'm not sure how I came across your blog, but I've been following for a few months now and enjoy reading it! I'm a secondary school teacher and homeschooling is something my wife and I have contemplated for a little while (that door is not closed!). It's terrific seeing the passion in your writing and I, for one, hope you continue! I'm learning a lot from reading your blog! Cheers, Aj.

  15. Hi Jeanne :)
    I'm popping in this morning after a couple of weeks away from reading blogs. I just haven't had the time or technology to get online much.

    you have some dear bloggy friends :)

    I do love to read your blog whenever I can!


  16. You're right, Rebecca. I have a truly delightful bunch of bloggy friends.


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