21 Nov 2012

Our AO5 Australian History Plan

This is the Australian History we used in AO5, for those that are following along.  I'll be linking it in the Our Curriculum tab up the top so that you can find it later.  Hope it's useful for someone!

Sorry the formatting is so shoddy...

Ambleside Online Year 5 Australian History

Term 1 Expansion and Exploration

The Story of Australia          Ch 9    Expansion and Exploration
History of Australia              Ch 9    Mountain Barrier
History of Australia              Ch 10  Jail or Colony?
History of Australia              Ch 11  Soon No Blackmen
History of Australia              Ch 12  Swan River                             1827
The Story of Australia          Ch 10  Other Settlements
The Story of Australia          Ch 11  Still Other Settlements
The Story of Australia          Ch 12  Two Great Explorers             Sturt and Mitchell
History of Australia              Ch 13  Strangers in a Strange Land  Sturt and Mitchell
The Story of Australia          Ch 13  Failure and Success         Eyre,Leichhardt,B&W
History of Australia              Ch 14  New Colonies, New Settlers   SA & Victoria

 History Tales

John of Sydney Cove by Doris Chadwick     29 Chapters
The Courteous Savage by Mary Durack         8 Chapters
Burke and Wills by Frank Clune

 Term 2 Gold, Bushrangers and Federation

History of Australia              Ch 15  No Convicts, Cannibals, Coolies
The Story of Australia          Ch 14  Gold
History of Australia              Ch 16  Gold
Our Sunburnt Country          Ch 9    Days of Gold                          1851
History of Australia              Ch 18  Good Times
History of Australia              Ch 19  The Land of Plenty, and Waste
Our Sunburnt Country          Ch10   Men of Industry                      1850-60
The Story of Australia          Ch15   Federation                               1901
Our Sunburnt Country          Ch11   Birth of a Nation                     1901
History of Australia              Ch20   We Must Unite                       1901               

History Tales 

Ned Kelly by Frank Clune
Gold Seekers by Greta Knudsen
Gully of Gold by Mavis Thorpe Clark

 Term 3 Australia in WWI

CHOW                                    Ch 82  The Age of Miracles
CHOW                                    Ch 83  A Different Kind of Revolution
CHOW                                    Ch 84  A World at War
History of Australia                Ch 21  The Great War
Our Sunburnt Country            Ch 12   A Nation at War        

History Tales

The Aussie Crusaders by Joseph Bowes 26 Chapters
The Lighthorsemen by Elyne Mitchell 13 Chapters + Afterword



  1. Now That's organised and great. I'm really enjoying the planning process. Still pulling together some ideas and hoping to use January as Planuary.

  2. Love it, Jeanne! I appreciate your planning tips as well as the booklists and reviews. Thankyou for making them available. Your 'Our Curriculum' link is a great place to start :)

  3. P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog Jeanne ... I replied to your comment :)

  4. Thank you for posting your list, it will be a great help in a couple of years. :)

  5. Thanks for this Jeanne and sorry I have not been able to visit your blog in a while due to blogger issues!!! at times I visited and couldn't comment! very frustrating.

  6. I am curious as to where to start to implement your methods. We are currently Australian (NSW) home ed(sort of classical style) and I have one child who needs structure, but can't sit for long periods and hates to write(or type). He loves being outdoors and is very much a "doer". In public school, he would be considered for English at late year 4 and maths/science as mid year 7. He really enjoys audiobooks, as he has to be doing something all the time (fidget).
    I also don't really want to include a progression of American history(AO online appears to be
    American, although I thought CM was English???), so are the books you suggest here substitutes, or additional Australian books?

    Also I noticed the term times start at different times to Australia, has this been a problem? If so, how do you get past it?

    Sorry I am a little confused

  7. I follow Australian terms (almost). The books I suggest are instead of, not in addition to, AO's American history books. Feel free to PM me on A Peaceful Day's Facebook page if you want, although be warned that I am not familiar with NSW's National Curriculum requirements. You will need to help me there. 😀

  8. THis is such a great list. I can't seem to find links to these titles and authors for the history books for Term 1. I have Our Sunburnt Country but don't know about the others, and can't find them in your lists anywhere.

  9. Thank you so much Jeanne for these wonderful book lists! I just would not know where to start to look for Australian living books...I am only just becoming a living book connoisseur and really still learning to be discerning, so thank you for doing what would be impossible for me (at present)!!


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