3 Nov 2012

Seen at the corner

Did you see them pass to-day, Billy, Kate and Robin,
All astride upon the back of old grey Dobbin?
Jigging, jogging off to school, down the dusty track -
What must Dobbin think of it - three upon his back?
Robin at the bridle-rein, in the middle Kate,
Billy holding on behind, his legs out straight.

Now they're coming back from school, jig, jog, jig.
See them at the corner where the gums grow big;
Dobbin flicking off the flies and blinking at the sun -
Having three upon his back he thinks is splendid fun:
Robin at the bridle-rein, in the middle Kate,
Little Billy up behind, his legs out straight.

C J Dennis A Book for Kids
I haven't found any evidence for it, but I'd be astounded if this sculpture outside the Royal Hotel in Daylesford's main street were not of Robin, Kate and little Billy astride old grey Dobbin, wouldn't you? So cute.


  1. Oh, it would have to be. No plaque? No connection to CJ ?

  2. Yes, a plaque, which forgot to take a photo of, but no mention of the poem.


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