13 Nov 2012

Timez Attack

I purchased the deluxe version of Timez Attack yesterday, and I've been struggling to get access to the computer ever since.  Yep.  Jemimah's been practice her multiplication facts most of this morning.  Bit weird, really, when she could have been outside in the pool.  She also had a bit of a go at her division facts, but they're really hard.  Take a look:

See? How do you think you'd go doing your maths facts the other way around? I did really poorly, to be honest.  Don't tell my daughter.

We first loaded the free version of Timez Attack onto our computer back in January 2009.  Sometimes over those almost four years Jemimah has played regularly; at other times it has been quietly neglected.  That's fine.  In general she thinks it is fun.  Maths - Fun.  Yep.  As a consequence of playing, her multiplication facts are pretty good.  Now we're back into it for division.

The free version of the game offers you the ability to practice all your maths facts - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division up to 12x12.  The $60.00 deluxe pack is so far only available for multiplication and division, but offers a whole heap of extra worlds and playing environments, and since Jemimah has demonstrated a lasting interest in playing the game, I thought I would treat her a bit and buy the multiplication upgrade.She was delighted.  Apparently the game is Awesome!

You can download the free or paid versions of Timez Attack here.  Now we're waiting on the iPad version to be released!


  1. We tried this. Awesome that it works for you. Star couldn't have been less interested! Surprise, surprise.

  2. Star's quite a bit older than Jemimah though. Maybe that makes a difference?

    J likens it to minecraft with no parent enforced time restrictions. I can't imagine Star beoing a computer games girl much. Is she?

  3. Oh great, This will come in handy for Rebekah for sure! Though the iPad version would have been better as its taken over the pc!

  4. Apparently an iPad app is in the works. Yay!

  5. I think, if I remember correctly, we tried this our first year with Groves ~ so Star would have been about grade 5. Her supervisor recommended it.

    Star likes some games but her main interests naturally are musical. You Tube. Luckily I like a lot of what she wants to share! ☺

  6. Our girls love Timez Attack to! It has really helped them with their math facts.


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