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AO6 Term 1 Schedule

Posted by Jeanne

I recently learned via A Peaceful Day's Facebook Page that two Sydney ladies are following along with our Australianised AO6 in 2013. Which is thrilling, and humbling, and exciting. It is also a bit daunting, because it means that I need to get all of our plans up before the beginning of each term instead of feeding things to you in dribs and drabs throughout the year.

Yesterday I completed our schedule for Term 1 of AO6, which you'll see below.  At least that way you'll know what books we're reading.  The booklist and timetable will come shortly.

As always, most of this is taken directly from the Ambleside Online website.  It is always my intention to follow the Advisory's recommendations as closely as possible, substituting only what is necessary for our Australian location.  This year it was also necessary to find a substitute for It Couldn't Just Happen, since Jemimah read this in AO3 (I think) where it was included before AO changed the science schedule.  If you haven't read this book then I thoroughly recommend you do so.  If you have, then its omission allows the inclusion of some terrific Aussie texts in its place.  You'll see those below.

Term 2 and 3 will come as I complete them, but will not involve as many substitutions as Term 1, since the history rotation means that we'll be back to Ancient History then, and Australia was really Terra Incognita Australis indeed!

Don't be strangers here, ladies.  Come and talk to me.  Let me know what you need and how I can help.  It is so gratifying to know that others are able to make use of our Australianisation of this terrific curriculum.  Thank you for your confidence in me.

AO6 Term 1 Schedule


Hopewell said...

I'm reading "Jack and Jill." Saw it when you did your post as the books came in--I've never read it or, even, heard of it! I thought they had re-done science. I occasionally look at the AO booklists when I want a classic to read. I see the Fulbright books have taken over. I looked them over and returned them--found them,...blah?...annoying?? anyway, people are so afraid of science!! Likely not a problem in your house!

Jeanne said...

The Fulbright books are only there as an alternative, though. I don't like them either, although we had some success with Anatomy this past year.

Erin said...

Totally, totally impressive. Just realised I may join in for some of this:) My Mariah(11) will also be Grade 6. (Is that the same as AO 6?)
Thank you for sharing!!

Jeanne said...

I'd love it if you and Mariah joined us! We say Jemimah will be in Grade 5 because we have a Prep in Victoria. It's Grade 6 work though.

Brandy @ Afterthoughts said...

Not that you need more to do, but...

Well, this post reminded me that I keep meaning to ask you for a list of five must-read living books featuring Australia (history, fiction, geography, whatever you think) for those of us over in the US. I'd love to add a few things in so my children can know more about your mysterious (to us) part of the world!

No pressure, but sometime I'd love to see a list like that. We obviously can't read through your entire curriculum, but I'm sure you have your favorites, as well as the books that you think are more understandable to foreigners.


Erin said...

How hard is it to get OOP Australian books in the state? Would it be best for an in print and an OOP lists?

(hey Jeanne just asking your posters questions;), I've also been asked for something similar and realised we mostly read OOP books)

Brandy @ Afterthoughts said...

If it can be found on AbeBooks, I can usually get OOPs at reasonable prices. The shipping from the UK sellers is usually very reasonable, for whatever reason. Would a number of them be found via the UK, do you think? Most of the OOP books I own are either American or British publication, so I don't know for sure about Australian publishers...hmmm...

Joyfulmum said...

Oh I didn't know you had a fb page for your blog! I'm going to have to check it out :)

Butter Fly said...

Hello Jeanne, We're getting ready for next year, and I have started preparing AO6 for our daughter. Have just joined Sribd to download your AO6 schedules. Thanks for sharing them so freely. Would you have your Terms 2 and 3 handy to download on Sribd, too?
Cheers, Elle

Jeanne said...

Remind me if I forget, Butter Fly. :)

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