6 Dec 2012


:: We've been making Christmas decorations:

Tree toppers

:: We've been reading stories:

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
Santa Claus
A Christmas Dinner by Dickens. (We have it in a book, but it's online here.)

:: We've been baking Banana Bread...the bananas were looking rather black.

:: We've tidied the house for guests coming to dinner tonight.

:: We've prepared salads and done a bit of food shopping.

:: We've driven over to St Arnaud for Dance Rehearsal. Right now Jemimah's practicing 'I'm a Little Baby Bumblebee" and I'm sitting in the airconditioned St Arnaud library reading Inventing the Christmas Tree and writing to you. Is the Christmas Tree merely a pagan remnant? This book believes not.

:: We've been enjoying each other's company, having fun, and laughing lots.

What have you been up to? Are you decorating or baking or wrapping or practising for recitals? Have you been laughing together too?


  1. Sounds precious and delightful. We too are enjoying the Christmas season making Christmas things.

  2. Been at work all day - another 2 weeks before holidays. After dinner my husband and I went for a long walk at dusk and watched the sun set. With no children at home many of these christmas activities fade away sadly.

  3. Boys & fish, crabs & boys. The girl is still working & it is hot enough to melt the tarmac. I'm not doing anything except sleep it out.

  4. I love the Jonathan Toomey book! We have trimmed the tree and have other decorations out, but we've done little else. Still busy with lessons. Tomorrow we have a Girl Scouts party and ornament exchange. That will be fun! I love the look of that Usborne book, too. As many craft-challenged folk do, I adore looking at crafting books.

  5. Jemimah looks so much taller! (and more like you too! )
    we've been doing a bit of this and that, school work, dances at schools, christmas shopping etc for the past 48 hours and yes lots of laughs too:)

  6. Looks like LOTS of fun! We have been busy making chocolates, Christmas cards and finishing school. Have a great weekend you lovely family. xxx

  7. Hi Jeanne! Just dropping in to say hello! Your daughter is adorable!!! I hope you have a great Christmas! Lynn (amothersjournal)


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