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Widdicombe Fair

Posted by Jeanne

We're back to a term of English folksongs for first term.  As you will be aware, this is one of the few places that I diverge from AO recommendations, feeling strongly that we should study folksongs in groups with a theme or from a country or region rather than in a random unconnected order, in order to better appreciate differences and similarities between them.

Widdicombe Fair is one of my favourite English folksongs, and I plan on teaching it next term using a lovely old picturebook of the song that I blogged about here, as well as a Youtube video or two. 

I was delighted, though to discover this British Film Council animation of the song, which will make it much more fun, I reckon.  It's here.  They also have one for The Lincolnshire Poacher, which we'll study as well. More on our folksong lineup coming as I put it together!


Lynn said...

Hi Jeanne, don't know if you knew that Widecombe Fair is still held annually in September!I've never been but I believe it is very well attended. Widecombe village is on Dartmoor in Devon.

Jeanne said...

I did know that. It came up when I wrote the post on the picture book. It looks fun. I think you'll have to go and report back in the interests of investigative journalism, of course!

Jeanne said...

It is interesting how many ways the name is spelled!

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