26 Jan 2013

Happy Australia Day

Have you all seen today's Google doodle? Cute, isn't it?

Do you have plans for Australia Day? We're having a picnic in the Geelong Botanic Gardens and then watching a performance of Shakespeare's hilarious comedy, Twelfth Night. It should be wonderful. Jemimah loves old fashioned picnics with tartan blankets and wicker baskets and all the trimmings, so we're doing our best to oblige. Lovely cheeses and fresh summer fruits are on the menu. With champagne, of course. And chocolate.

Do you have plans for our National day? Are you doing something patriotic over the long weekend? Are you reading some Australia themed books with your kids? Or to yourself? Do you have a favourite Aussie author? Or a favourite Aussie blogger, or a favourite Aussie singer or dancer or designer or candlestick maker? Do you have something particular that makes you proud to be an Aussie? Do tell.

Complete this phrase:

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie...

Yes, we're really classy lot around here. We might even put Aussie flags on our cheeks before the performance. Waddayareckon?


  1. Oi,Oi,Oi... lol Happy Australia Day.

  2. Oi! Oi! Oi!
    We usually do something a bit Aussie, like eat meat pies and play stirring bush songs and swat the flies as we watch the cricket/ tennis. Today it's all about the flood ~ how much more Aussie can you get? We will recite about droughts and flooding rain and just be thankful that we live in and love this sunburnt country ♥

  3. Awesome! Happy Australia day Jeanne! We talked about the meaning of our flag this morning, we have cleaned two apartments, my children have taken our Japanese guests (family of 5, 3 young boys) through the bush this morning looking for lizards, studying spiders and wasps and picked them blackberries and raspberries to eat. Right now Gracie is baking banana and choc chip muffins. You beaut juicy fruit!

  4. You've most recently become my favourite Aussie blog author!

    I remembered today (Friday here in the U.S.) that I didn't make much planning for tomorrow (Australia Day), so I whipped something together very quickly and will whip up some pavlova tomorrow for the family.

    And I do plan to read through our children's Aussie books that we receive from home often. And perhaps a quick snippet from Snugglepot & Cuddlepie that we are in the midst of reading.

    Thankfully, my 4 year old knew to break out into singing the Australian National Anthem when I brought out the Aussie flags today. Made my heart dance!

    Must do a post about it now that I'm officially blogging.

  5. We had a roast lamb dinner which would have been cooked in the bbq but a storm came through and it poured with rain, so into the oven it went.

  6. Oh my! That sounds lovely!!! :) Hope you had a great time!!!


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