30 Jan 2013

Today I am...

:: Excited because our new dishwasher has arrived.

:: Disappointed because it looks like we won't be able to take the trip I had been planning.

:: Nursing a broken toe.

:: Worried that one of our wisteria is ill.

:: Thinking about what colour we should repaint our walls.

:: Concerned that I won't get my book read in time for book club. (It's Borderliners by Peter Høeg if you're curious.)

:: Ordering some new furniture (but not for here, unfortunately).

:: Full of yummy Chicken Cacciatore cooked by my little girl.

:: Pleased with that same girl's creative written narration about Blue Wrens, which included charts and a slide show presentation.

:: Saddened by some troublesome news from a friend.

:: Deciding which bulbs to plant for spring.

:: Happy to be talking to you.


  1. Happy to be talking to you too...☺

  2. So many different emotions in one day :-)

  3. I love this post...sorry about the bad news, yay for the happy, yummy, & springy, bookish sorta news! :)
    Today I, Amy, am:
    -bemoaning the weight I want to loose without the pain of exercise ;)
    -sniffing two delightful loaves of whole wheat bread that I made for family
    -enjoying my SEMI-clean kitchen
    -gazing at my adorable 1 yo daughter's whisps in her hair
    -loving all the LEGO creations built
    -shaking my fist at the foot of snow we got but also
    -reveling in the beautiful winter wonder land we live in

    1. And that, dear Amy, is a perfect comment in reply! Thank you.

  4. What a mixed bag, prayer for things not going as well and for a toe recovery and smiles for the yummy meal being cooked and for the dishwasher :))

  5. I always find it amazing how we can "be" so many things at once!

  6. How are you recovering from your toe? I rejoice with the simple things like a dishwasher, such luxuries really! Have you decided what color you are going to paint the wall? I always love talking to you! xxx

    1. My toe is a lot better, thank you for asking. I still can't wear shoes though. It's Birkies or barefoot. The dishwasher is so wonderful! No, we haven't chosen paint colours as yet. We might even redo the same colours as last time.


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