3 Mar 2013

Close to home

Sometimes we forget that we don't have to go far from home to appreciate God's wonderful creation. These photos were taken today on our slightly circuitous way home from church, when we dropped in to the Granite Rock Reserve to have a bit of a stroll through the amazing granite plutons that make up the 4 km square park.

The granite was formed by the intrusion of magma through the earth's crust. This granitic magma crystallised and cooled slowly underneath the earth's surface, and when the overlying rocks weathered, the granitic plutons, or tors, were exposed. Apparently there are almost 300 of these outcrops in Victoria alone. Metamorphic rocks in our area include schist, schistose, hornfels, knotted schist, quartzite and phyllite. Sandstone and shale are also found in the reserve. All between church and home!

A 360° view of the surrounding countryside, a perfect autumn day, and a BBQ lunch of sausages and sauce in bread, an excellent salad of homegrown tomatoes with basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and a fine bottle of Avoca Rose, and the day is complete.

Nature study made easy. The way I like it.


  1. Gorgeous! Looks like they make for good climbing :)

  2. That is too cool! You would love our fossils :-) And yes, a Rose would be a lovely way to end that day!

  3. You have so many stunning places to sight see around your place!

  4. Just beautiful. Love the last picture of Jemimah!

  5. I enjoy seeing your local area.
    With all the rain our house yard and paddocks are green and overgrown but I've noticed all these small brightly coloured tiny flowers and orchids. It;s a shame to mow them down.
    I have been inspired to get out more especially now it is Autumn and cooling and the rains are intermittent. We are surrounded by nature here and I need to make greater use of it. God is so good.

  6. The ginormous boulders resting on the red soil reminds me of Colorado!


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