14 Mar 2013


I am being spammed, and I am totally sick of removing rubbish every single day. So what to do?

I really do not like the idea of you all trying to read Captcha drivel, and most of the rubbish comes from Mr Anonymous, so I'm going to switch off anonymous posting for a little while and see if that stops it.

 I know that there are a couple of you who comment anonymously, so I'm really sorry to have to do this, and I hope it won't be for ever, but the spam is driving me crazy!!  You can comment on A Peaceful Day's Facebook page if you want to chat - I'd hate to lose touch!

Why do they do it, do you think?  Do you think anybody ever visits their linked sites or does anything with the messages they post everywhere?  What a waste of time.  Get a life, fella.



  1. I know! I ask myself the same question. On the AussieHomeschool blog page, we get about 100 spam comments per day. Thankfully I have an anti spam plugin which catches them all and sends them straight to the bin. Yay! But really, how many people really get sucked into those stupid comments?

  2. They're fun. They want to sell me viagra. I can't think what I'd use it for...? Pot plant fertilizer? And the FBI wants me as a dangerous citizen. Yep! To say nothing of more dubious messages which I don't think I understand...

  3. I got so fed up with the spamming I put on that stupid thing you have to type after the message and that put an end to .


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