14 Apr 2013

Lovely bookmarks

I think I have the bestest bloggy friends in the world.  Truly.  Recently in the mail I found a package - always an exciting event, I must say, when a package arrives in the mail.  Anyhow, inside were these lovely bookmarks made by my friend and fellow blogger and AOer, Silvia.

On one side was a page from a lovely vintage dictionary.  I learned from the one above that J was the last letter to be added to the English alphabet, although I think I did know that once in a past life.  The other was the M is for mathematics page, which considering that I am the Maths forum moderator on the AO Forum, was entirely appropriate.  Jemimah thought that maths one was too...er...mathy, and claimed the J one for herself.  Which was perfectly fine with me!!

If you decide that you desperately need one of these lovely vintage bookmarks for yourself, Silvia sells them in her etsy shop. You can look at more samples of her work on her lovely blog, here.

Thank you so much for your lovely gift, Silvia.  You're wonderful!!  Ahem, the rest of you are pretty lovely as well.

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  1. LOL... thank you Jeanne! It was fun making them, and finding something that you and Jemimah will identify with!


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