9 Apr 2013

To google (verb)

Jemimah's Daddy and I had been expaining the difference between chronic and acute to our daughter.  I know they don't sound similar, but Australians often get these two confused, calling an acute pain chronic as in the following exchange:
My knee hurts something chronic, Doc.  It started to hurt when I bashed it against the pen fence last night, and now it's real chronic.
Anyhow, we obviously didn't explain very well. Jemimah left the table looking most confused.

Later that night we noticed Jemimah sitting on the floor with our very large Collins English Dictionary propped up in front of her.  She was muttering seriously to herself.

Me :- What are you doing?
Her :- I'm googling.
Me :- Googling?
Her :- Yes, I'm googling 'Chronic' in the dictionary!

My daughter doesn't have many funny 'kids say the darndest things' moments any more.  I just had to share this one.
To google (transitive verb) -  to obtain information on something or somebody (on the the internet) using a search engine.
Even a dictionary, it appears.  The internet bit seems optional.


  1. Bahaha!! Googling in the dictionary! Did she work it out though?

  2. She did. The dictionary carries more authority than a parent.

  3. Love it. Will share with my girl ~it will appeal to her innate sense of *All life is ridiculous*. She will appreciate it.

  4. Cool!! I do lots of goggling:)


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