27 May 2013

A shelf of books on books

  • How Australian Literature Grew by E. Moodie Heddle
  • Authors and Illustrators of Australian Children's Books by Walter McVitty
  • Hold Fast to Dreams by Leslie Rees
  • Seven Little Billabongs by Brenda Niall
  • A Journey of Discovery by Ivan Southall
  • The Oxford Companion to Australian Children's Literature by Stella Lees and Pam Macintyre
  • A History of Australian Children's Literature II by Maurice Saxby
  • A History of Australian Children's Literature by Maurice Saxby
  • The Proof of the Puddin' by Maurice Saxby
  • Drawn from the Heart by Ron Brooks
  • The Literature of Australia by Nicholas Jose
  • Koalas, Kangaroos and Kookaburras: 200 Australian Children's Books and Illustrations 1857-1988 by Robert Holden
  • Dromkeen: A Home for Australian Children's Literature

One of my favourite genres - books about books. Books about Aussie children's books are even better, and this shelf is full of them. If I've ever written anything knowledgable and erudite about a book then I probably found the information in one if these. I am not very clever without them!

Do you have any favourite books on books?

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  1. I love "Some of My Best Friends are Books" by Judith Wynn Halsted. It guides gifted readers and provides suggestions for dealing with topics encountered by gifted kids in bibliotherapy.

  2. Ironically, the two books-of-books I used most when my oldest was little were both from New Zealand: Babies Need Books, and Books Before Five. I've used suggestions from most of the common (North American) Christian/homeschooling children's booklists: Books Children Love, Honey for a Child's Heart, and online book lists. I also have a few older ones like Books for the Gifted Child.

    I often look older books up on the archives of the Bulletin of the Centre for Children's Literature, which has been around since the 1940's. I don't always agree with their reviews, but it is often helpful.

  3. My books about books tend to be compilations of lists, more book suggestions to read:) I shared alot of my favourites in this chat, though I've bought a few more since, blush.


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