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The Midas Touch

Posted by Jeanne

The exquisite gold glowing bark of a Eucalypt on our nature walk today. Can anybody help us identify it?

Eucalypts, in particular, have a variety of interesting barks, but the most unusual, to me, are the species with these fascinating polished barks of copper and bronze and gold. Eucalyptus salubris, E.sargentii, E.diptera, E.campaspe and E.eremophila all have beautiful bark of varying metallic shades, but none are native to our area. It's a bit of a mystery, this one!


Ingi Mc said...

Can you add a close up of the leaves and flowers/seeds/flowercaps?

Ruby said...

The Jemimah Golden Hair Gum???
It is lovely and I haven't seen anything quite like it. Apart from grey we get mostly white and silver here. Beautiful aren't they!

Hopewell said...

Nice to see it, but I don't have anything to help!

Sarah said...

It is lovely...I just asked Dave and he is not sure, he said he grew this gum at his grandparents property on Phillip Island years ago.

Ellen said...

I love eucalyptus! We don't have any around here, but when Himself and I visited Hawaii, I never tired of catching its scent....

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