30 Aug 2013

Life this week

Our WiFi is playing up this week, and I am feeling grumpy.  I have two blog posts on my laptop, and I can't post them.  Not even the Personal Hotspot from my iPhone or iPad works.  My Best Beloved has been working with my sister's Best Beloved every night to get it all up and running, but so far, no joy.  Ho Hum.    It is extra hard, you know, because our printer is WiFi accessible as well, and so I can't print.  If you use MEP, you will know that that is a crisis of major proportions.  Gone are the days of pen and paper in my home, at least - we are very reliant upon technology.  Sigh, I'll see what we can accomplish in Melbourne tonight.

In other happier news, we're off to see The Australian Ballet dance La Sylphide this weekend. I did not know that this ballet was the first to have ballerinas en pointe until watching this doco. I do agree that this transforms the dancers into 'beautiful ethereal beings', though. It is one of my favourite ballets.  We have reservations first at a modern Japanese restaurant, Saké. I'm looking forward to that as well. Life is good.

Back down on earth, there have been some changes in our Peaceful Home.  Cupboard doors went back onto the bathroom cupboards while Jemimah and I were in the US.  I'm trying to post a pic, but it keeps crashing the computer, so I'll have to try that tonight in Melbourne as well.  Grrr.  A plasterer started work on the passageway as well, which is great, because the wall was looking somewhat precarious, and is now safe and straight, if somewhat dusty.  It is a pain having all the furniture stacked up in other rooms, but no pain, no gain, I guess.  The re-stumpers came yesterday.  They're the men who lift up the stumps that the house is built on to make the floors level again.  I don't know what they're called in the US, but not that, I'm told.  Anyhow, they came.  Now we don't have big gaps between walls and floor.  That is a major improvement, let me tell you!  All this is post-flood work.  Would you believe that that is almost three years ago? Yup, 'tis. It won't be long before we can paint and carpet the front half of the house.  That is so exciting!!  We won't mention the back half just yet.

In maths this week we've been working on Venn diagrams, and trying to represent four subsets of a Universal set in a diagram.  It is frustrating, because it is impossible, but really fascinating, as well.  Anyhoo, problems like that make maths interesting.  We've also read a couple of chapters of The Number Devil, since we can't print off more worksheets.  Such is life. 

In Oceanography we've been learning about the Gulf Stream, and Rivers in the Sea using The Sea Around Us, our AO6 book.  This video was interesting additional viewing this week.

Wasn't Benjamin Franklin an amazing man!  I love telling people that my daughter is studying Oceanography.  AO is so cool.

Jemimah is also studying Astronomy this term using Australian Backyard Astronomy.  She enjoyed having a bit of a browse here and here this week.  Both the links were from the website of the book, which you'll find here. We also started reading The Search for Planet X by Tony Simon.  Even though Pluto is no longer a planet, we're loving the book!!

In books this week, Jemimah is reading Huckleberry Finn, and our bedtime read aloud is The Bronze BowI'm reading All that Happened at Number 26 by Aussie comedienne, Denise Scott.  It's okay, but if it weren't a bookclub book, I wouldn't have chosen it.  The Surgeon of Crowthorne, last month's book, was much more my style.  I enjoyed that one muchly - I really like Simon Winchester's writing style. I'm not sure what hubby is reading.  I'll have to ask him.  Nothing this week because of the WiFi.  That, I'm sure of.  Mumble mumble.

Most of the other stuff that happened this week happens every week.  Not that that's bad, but you probably don't want to hear about it.  Anyhoo, that's enough about me.  How has your week shaped up?  Come and have a chat!


  1. Oh - isn't it TRAGIC when technology fails? I can't cope when that happens. I'm jealous of your ballet going, Japanese eating weekend. We are going to see Midsummer Night's Dream by a local amateur group, but we are looking forward to it. I am working all day on Father's Day, so it will be up to the kids to entertain their father (as it should be, one feels).

    Kids have been pretty good this week, working relatively independently as I've been working at the library. Lots of Japanese, Khan Academy maths, anatomy for science, and Wind in the Willows critical analysis. When I WAS home, we enjoyed getting our heads around Midsummer Nights Dream plot, in preparedness for the weekend.

    Thanks for sharing your days - it's nice to have a sneak peak into other homeschoolers lives!

  2. First question I have, is how did you post this blog post if you have no wifi? Well we had this week off, I did 4 weeks of term 2 into 2 weeks, so we could have this week off. It has been lovely, I have been doing my fitness studies and I am not far from finishing, which is very exciting. We have really been in holiday mode, strolling out of bed at different times, I've been catching up with friends, knitting, walking, and that's about it. Feeling quite refreshed to commence term 3 on Monday. :)

  3. Because we have plugged the modem directly into the desktop. It is working for email - and blog posting after a fashion. I really don't know what's going on. I also have 3G on my iPad, so I am still connected to the world, but I am not interconnected. Nothing talks to anything else. I can't connect the laptop to anything at all.

  4. PS Your break sounds idyllic, Sarah!

  5. ps. your weekend sounds delightful! Would love to be having thai with you tonight, so I am going to cook thai tonight in memory of some of our Friday evenings in Melbourne. I'm silly I know, but I'm sentimental too!

  6. I am staying home. Firstly because I am really woggy, 2ndly because we did our concert last week before Libby went & thirdly because I am over the world just now.

    We are down to just one child for the next week so I may feel more like myself by the end.

  7. I have to admit I am a wee little bit jealous of all your play and ballet going. Alas, we don't get much of that in Africa. We do have plenty of wonky internet issues here, however, so that I can certainly commiserate with! We have a day off today - as the local school kids do also...looking forward to getting some things cleaned up and caught up - we've had an incredibly busy month here and there are a number of little bits and pieces that have fallen through the cracks. We've been back in school mode for 3 weeks (finished AOY1 Week 17) and all has gone quite well.

  8. Oh and I nearly forgot the most exciting bit! There is a sea fright crate being offloaded today (our mission will gather stuff for everyone and forward a crate when there is enough to fill it - much more reliable than the post, and cheaper since everyone shares the cost of shipping), and I am fairly certain my copy of "The Book of Marvels" is on it. Other books too, although I'm not 100% sure I remember them all. I'm rather giddy with excitement - new-to-me books will do that as I know you well understand!

  9. Have you seen the post on Facebook of Wi-Fi at the very bottom foundation of Maslow's hierarchy of needs? http://img.pandawhale.com/75824-Maslow-WiFi-4S8F.png


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