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Leopard orchid

Posted by Jeanne

Jemimah and I were entranced by this tiny yellow native orchid during our wander through The Basin Picnic Area near St Arnaud today. I think it's a Leopard Orchid, Diuris pardina, but if you know better, please do let us know.
I can't believe how close we were to missing it just because we were lazy. I'd caught the flash of yellow, but I figured that it was a scraggly wattle or the much more common Gorse Bitter Pea, Daviesia ulicifolia, and I almost didn't go over to have a look. I'm so glad we did.
Last time we were at The Basin for nature study, Jemimah was 6 years old. You can see how cute she was here, if you want.


Nancy said...

Stunning, Jeanne. Our state flower is the pink lady slipper...and I've never seen one. Did you draw it?

Thinking about you lately...and what a gift it was to have you here...miss you and Jemimah!

From joy to joy,

Chef Penny said...

Beautiful flower and beautiful girl too! I am always envious of your nature walks. I need to add them in to our homeschool

...they call me mommy... said...

Gorgeous!!! :) Glad you took a closer look AND shared it with us!

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