12 Dec 2013

A visit to the dentist

You can tell you're CMers when a trip to the dentist ends up being a day when you get to watch a professional snake catcher, and he ends up telling you all about his work, and what he does with the snakes once he catches them and all that sort of stuff, and he's really nice, and he seems to really like kids and be happy to have them around, only not too close, of course, because the snake could be a brownie, and brownies don't like kids much at all.

After you settle down to have a bit of lunch, you spot a giant egret on the other side of the river, so you get pretty excited because you've never seen one of those in Swan Hill before, and you watch it for a while, and have a laugh at its antics, and can quite understand why ladies used to make hats from their feathers a long time ago, and you wish you had your nature notebook so you could make a quick entry.

Then lunch arrives, so you talk a bit with each other about how very happy you are that you don't even need to think about the dentist for another six months, and you drink some wine to help you forget that the experience ever happened, and you are glad you chose the curry, because it is really, really good.

Then you feed some of the absolute mountain of chips to a friendly little peewee, and eventually you having him eating out of your hand, which is really cool, and again you regret the nature notebook.

Then you manage to convince your wonderful husband that he really does have room for two desserts, because you can't decide between the New York Cheesecake and the Apple and Ricotta Cake that the waiter assures you is the best thing on the menu, and you want a bit of both, but you can't possibly fit in either.

Then you have a final chat about The Upper Murray Flag atop the paddle steamers, and you know all about them from when you learned all about the Mighty Murray a few years back, and you feel really smart and slightly superior, and then you set off on the drive home and you read a book aloud in the car and you realise that dentist or no dentist, it's been a pretty good day after all, and that you really, really love your family.



  1. That's pretty darn cute! Great day out (minus the dentist!).

  2. What a good day to bond with your family! I can say, with or without an appointment with the dentist, this will still be a wonderful day for all of you. But if you want it to make it a triumphant day, doing all the things in your to-do list, like visiting your dentist, will complete it.

    Patricia @ Smile By Design (Mississauga, ON)

  3. At least that was a kickin' break from the usual dental trip things. Those sort of things should be built up as charming experiences, than mere antiseptic burden. No need for stigmas when stuff like health is on the line. I hope that the dental work did deliver similarly.

    Billie Adams @ Peak Family Dentistry

  4. If only all dentist trips could end up like that. Dental checkups could be pretty dreadful when you have to go through it all alone, but look at how special a trivial day could be when shared with your love ones. Cheers!

    Byron Kennedy @ A+ Family Dentistry


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