14 Jan 2014

Today's readings

AO7 Week Two

  • Chapter 11 of Watership Down - oral narration
  • One section of Bede- oral narration
  • Chapter 3 of Mere Christianity - oral narration
  • One section of The Birth of Britain - map drill on Roman Britain
  • Chapter 2 of the wonder of Light - science notebook entry
  • Chapter 1 of Bush Days - written narration
  • Chapter 2 of The Brendan Voyage - watch video on curragh building


  1. Great! How do you decide which readings are to be a written narration? I'm just curious!

  2. I always love seeing all of your beautiful vintage books, Jeanne. :)

  3. Thanks for the glimpse into your day. It always helps when you can sketch a bit of a picture like this. Do you read all of these aloud, or are some independent reads?

  4. I read Mere Christianity and The Brendan Voyage aloud. That was enough for my voice! She read the rest.

  5. Sarah, I try and ask for a written narration on the one with the most interesting story. Sometimes that is easy to discern. It is harder for Jemimah to write a good narration on a section of a story, or if the story is too complex. She is still learning to summarise to prevent her retelling being as long as the original. Make sense?

  6. Yes, clear sense. Thank you!

  7. just thought i'd scribble down... i was here. :)

  8. Ah! I remember going through a few of these with my 25 yo dd years ago.
    Alot of good books for sure!
    Jeanne, what does your science notebook entry look like? What does it entail?

  9. I'll post some pics soon, Veronica. :)


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