20 Feb 2014

Dear Mother

...or Jemimah has a Wicked Sense of Humour.

Before you get all up in arms and hoity-toity, I know this is not correct Latin. It is, in fact, about as poor as Google Translate even. That's okay, because this wasn't supposed to be Latin. It's a Plutarch written narration. Well, part of one, anyhow.

This week in our Plutarch study of the life of Timoleon, Anne White's Study Guide suggested having the child write a letter in the person of Hicetes of Leontini. This year we're getting more adventurous with our written narrations, as well as practicing writing about books read earlier in the week. This exercise seemed perfect!

Jemimah decided to have Hicetes write to his mother, and she figured that as an educated man he would probably write in Latin. Here, on lovely stationery, written with a quill pen, complete with ink blots, and in pseudo Latin font, is his letter home.

In case you wonder, she did wrote a translation in English in her narration book as well because she knew I'd be cranky if she didn't.

I thought it was fabulously clever and creative, and a whole lot of fun. Just like my beautiful girl herself. What do you think?



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