21 Mar 2014


I'm procrastinating. I need to write a post about the streams in MEP maths. I need to finish a nature study post about the bat colony we visited. I need to write about AO7 science. I need to talk about my AO7 Aussie substitutions. I want to tell you what we're reading before I forget. The last one seems fun, but it's sort of self indulgent. It helps no one but me.

And so I write nothing at all.

We're going to the ballet on Saturday night. It's the first performance of the season, and we have front row seats. Front row centre. I think that's gonna be sorta cool. We'll see the blisters on the dancers' feet from there. Manon, we're going to see.

Next week is the last week of AO7 Term 1. How can that be? It's been a good one. Not nearly as scary as I expected, although I do admit it is much more work. Jemimah is taking it all in her stride, but she spends a lot more time reading in her room, and I miss her. It sure is quiet in here sometimes. I find excuses to go in and disturb her. I'm looking forward to her undivided attention over the holidays. I love my girl's company.

(Isn't she gorgeous?)

Autumn has arrived. In reality, as well as on the calendar. Cool nights; beautiful sunny days. I think it is my favourite season, but I say that every season don't I? The roses are blooming, and soon the liquidambar outside my bedroom window will begin to colour. That brings me so much joy.

In other news, my brand spanking new coffee machine has died. It is a lemon. My darling husband has been going to work early and bringing me back a thermos of freshly brewed coffee every morning this week. I am so blessed. The coffee machine goes to the coffee doctor this weekend. I wonder what he will say.

Okay, enough procrastinating. Enough about me. What are you reading? Perhaps we can talk about that. Let's talk about you!



  1. Please do write about MEP in the middle grades! I'm confused about the sequence and whether I need to consider other curricula for higher grades ...

  2. I understand the feeling, I should be writing up learning notes for the past 3 weeks before I forget, I should be ringing x, y & z and instead I'm not doing either.

    Read about Nero to my middle children today and they were pretty shocked! also have begun The Hobbit with them:) and re=reading Beatrix Potter for the third or is it the 4th time around.

    am trying not to read any personal fiction at them moment as I think the hardcover books are why my hands ache, so going back to ereader when I can remember how to load up files.

    Listening to my 17yr old and his mate chatting about science as they ask each other questions, they're loving their chat, their physics teacher has just left, he is awesome!! God provides! ex-deputy head, retired and bored, I believe he is loving it too:)

  3. This makes me realize I am still in those young and tender years when we are together at all times, and I am loving it! Sigh. They do grow fast, don't they?
    I don't know if you know this, but I talk to my girls, specially girl 1, 9yo, about your Jemimah, and she told me today to tell her she was sorry for her when she could not sleep well after the flood, once you were back... she loves all that you bake, or she bakes, LOL, and she tells you all to be extra careful with snakes. Your recent post and our recent reading of Rikki Tikki Tavi prompted our conversation about YOU. We cannot explain how it is you tried sweet iced tea and not unsweet iced tea. At home, we four are crusaders for unsweet ice tea. If you ever come to the States and not to Texas, we will have to go to Australia and fetch you. My girls are familiar with Bovril, so they will eat Vegemite sandwiches, I am sure. They are dying to meet our Australian family, their great aunts and second or third cousins, YOU, and Australian animals... dreaming is free!

  4. Yes, I'll jump on that band wagon of 'please talk about Mep'. I too am a little confused from year 7 and how it all works. I am reading 'Emma' by Jane Austen and 'Just as I am, The autobiography of Billy Graham'.

  5. What am I reading? The Living Page. :) Actually I finished it, but now I want to go back and read it again slowly and take notes. I also need to get caught up in the Iliad. :)

  6. I'm very keen to read more about AO7 Science! I am really interested in more/other CM options other than the commonly accepted suggestions.

    I too am noticing the absence of my eldest as he reads quietly to himself. BUT it means if I want to keep informed on his books I need to read them on my own. Aren't they growing up noticeably at this stage.

    Enjoy the ballet blisters and other eye level bulges! I'm sure it will be wonderful (oohh was that too naughty?)


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