12 Apr 2014


Look what I just found - my old Autograph Book. Did you keep one? I had two: this one, which was for special people - celebrities and overseas relations mainly; and an every day one for school friends. That ones's still AWOL.

Autograph books were really popular in my youth. Nowadays you really only see those Disneyland ones for collecting character signatures and photos. Not quite the same thing, really, are they.

When I was young, I was most proud of the famous people:

Harry M Corbett and Wilfred Brambell - Steptoe and Son

Paul Cronin - The Sullivans

And the controversial ones:

Junie Morosi

Gloria Krope

Nowadays, though, it's pages like these that are the most special of all:

My Grandmother...

...and my Mum.



  1. How lovely! I would love to have something of my grandmother's...my maternal grandmother passed away before I was born and my paternal grandmother when I was about 8, I believe...Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very special letters from your Mum & Grandmother. I have some very special letters from my Nana, such wonderful treasures. :)


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